Mom never buys Christmas gifts for her son but puts cash towards a deposit for his first home

A mother named Lisa Norman has vowed to never buy her 2-year-old son Neil any birthday or Christmas presents so he won't be spoiled.

Norman, from Lancashire, England, revealed that she doesn' believe in wasting hard-earned money in toys that the boy will quickly outgrow.

As reported by the Daily Mail, instead of buying her son gifts, she will be putting the money into an account that will go towards a deposit for his first house.

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The mother-of-one refused to spend any money on things that her son doesn't need, but assure that Neil doesn't go without thanks to family and friends.

According to Norman, her parents and friends buy Neil toys and that those are more than enough. She even considers the number of presents given to children on Christmas to be 'disgusting.'


"It is ridiculous. Christmas can put a lot of pressure on parents and we don’t want to get into debt or spoil him with stuff he doesn’t need, so we just get him nothing."

Lisa Norman, Daily Mail, December 23, 2018

Neil's parents believe that the most important gift of all is himself, as well as the fact that he is alive and well despite the complications during his birth.


The little boy was born 10 weeks premature in November 2016 and doctors revealed that they were not sure he would be able to survive. Fortunately, he did and is currently a normal and healthy toddler.

The Normans hope to be able to teach Neil the value of money and how unnecessary spending can be harmful. Despite the controversial decision, Norman guaranteed that they wouldn't change their minds.


But while little Neil won't be getting any gifts any time soon, the same can't be said about two-year-old Cadi, who is set to receive Christmas gifts from her late neighbor for the next 14 years.

Ken Watson, the neighbor, was 80 years old when he passed away, but he adored Cadi so much that he planned on getting her a gift every year until she was 16. Sadly, he didn't make it but Cadi will certainly appreciate the gesture.

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