Trump supporter goes on foul-mouthed racist rant about black people on vacation in viral video

Edduin Carvajal
Dec 24, 2018
03:39 P.M.

Tariq Nasheed, an anti-racism strategist, took to Twitter to share the clip of a White lady only identified as “Vicky” who went on a racist rant.


According to the description of the video, which contains strong language, Vicky was a “Trump-supporting white supremacist” who went on vacation to the US Virgin Islands, a place that Nasheed described as being full of Black people.

In the clip, the lady, who seemed to be drunk, appeared walking very close to the camera saying that she didn’t like Black people using the N-word. Later, she cheered on President Donald Trump and attacked Former President Barack Obama.

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed


Soon after that, a man approached her and said, “Vicky, be quiet.” Later, the same lady appeared sitting on what seemed to be a boat saying that she hated Black people “with passion,” using the N-word again.

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed

The same man who first asked her to be quiet was sitting in front of her and said: “could you be quiet?” A resident named Edwin Lewis commented under the video shared to twitter that he was near Vicky when the rant took place.

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed



He said that the lady, later identified as Mickey Tronson, was escorted by the police after the incident took place. Lewis even posted another video of the woman verbally attacking black people and Lewis for recording her. It also contains strong language.

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed

Even though Lewis said that police escorted her, there is no evidence suggesting so. Tronson deleted her Facebook page, though. The man who was trying to calm her was identified as Troy Strube, a retired Delta Air Lines worker.

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed

Source: Twitter/Tariq Nasheed


Unfortunately, it was not the first time that a racist rant gets recorded. Lena Jones uploaded to her Facebook page the video of an altercation she and two other women had with a customer in a Target store in Nashville, Tennessee.


In the now-deleted clip, the three Black women were in the store while a fourth lady was complaining and arguing with them because they allegedly were talking about sex in public.


The unnamed lady, who was labeled as “Target Tammy” after the incident, refused to move on even when Jones and her friends turned their backs on and ignored her for a while.



One of the ladies explained that they asked one of the members of the group to try on a hat that looked like something Eartha Kitt’s character in the 1992 film “Boomerang” would wear.

However, the woman said no “because her character had sex with a younger man.” That was the sentence that started the argument as “Target Tammy” allegedly chimed in and told them that they shouldn’t talk about sex in public.

Target employees intervened in the argument and, after calming things down, “Target Tammy” left and the video ended.

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