Woman who had twins at 64 loses them after being deemed 'an inept mother'

Mauricia Ibáñez, a Spanish woman who had twins at 64, continues battling with the justice to recover the custody of her kids. She gave birth last year at the Recoleta Hospital.

The pair of babies is currently under the care of a foster family in Valladolid, after the Social Services of the Junta de Castilla y León separated them from the woman a few days after delivery.

The Family Court is yet to offer official sentencing in the case after discussing for more than a year conclusions of the psychosocial report requested in March, which, among other things, states that Mauricia is not qualified to assume the guardianship of the children.

However, the affected mother affirmed that these conclusions are not adjusted to reality. "Actually, they are 'Antisocial Services.' My children should have never left their house," she said.

Despite the result of the psychosocial report, with quite strong results, Mauricia remains firm in the purpose of recovering her children. "Of course, I still have confidence. We will continue fighting for it," she ratified.

In the midst of her struggle, the sexagenarian from Burgos has found allies. She has been accompanied in court by Lina Álvarez, a woman who gave birth to a child in a very similar situation, and Victoriano Fernández, founder of the Families of the XXI Century association, who believes that Mauricia should have her twins’ custody.


The news has generated a massive controversy because of the age of the mother and because Mauricia was disabled by a psychological disorder years ago.

The pregnancy was possible after Mauricia had an in vitro fertilization treatment in the United States that took place a few years after the Social Services also withdrew custody of her eldest daughter, a 6-year-old who lives with relatives in Canada.

According to the ruling of the National Court, the social services determined that the child suffered "certain isolation", that she lived in a house "without the minimum hygienic and healthy conditions", that "the girl was dressed inadequately" and that the mother did not send the daughter to school "despite the indications made by professionals"


The debate has been opened between those who emphasize the character of scientific feat at the service of desire and freedom to be a mother, and those who consider that having allowed this case constitutes irresponsibility from the doctors.

On one occasion, Ibañez said:

"I have decided to become a mother again because the experience of having Blanca, my first daughter, was so great that I thought: What if I can have more? Also, I'm not worried about age at all. It is true that I am older, but it has been possible to get pregnant. Science and medicine are the last chance that older people have."

And added, “A 65-year-old man can have children with no problem, but when a woman does it, people question it. Why?”


In 2009, Mauricia’s sister went to court to request that Mauricia was declared "unstable" to retain her passport and forbid her to travel abroad where she was processing a fertility treatment.

But the judge rejected the request after obtaining a report from psychologists who claimed that Mauricia’s condition "does not prevent her from taking care of herself, or taking care of a child. It does not prevent her from exercising maternal functions."

Despite this, the Tribune of Burgos disagreed and decided to remove the children from her care. Science made her pregnancy possible but, for the moment, Mauricia is not qualified to act like a mother.

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