Naomi Campbell shows off her natural hair after revealing she suffered from bald patches

Naomi Campbell was very honest about a reality that she's been facing through the years in her most recent Instagram story, snapping a photo of herself with just her natural hair. 

The 48-year-old iconic supermodel posted a wigless photo of herself, captioning it with a very pure and honest "Bare it all". 

This is a rare reveal for Naomi, who is almost always spotted out sporting wigs or weaves. But now, she decided to fix her hair in cornrows while lounging on some outdoor furniture. The model was fully made up even for the selfie, sporting glowing make up on her face. 

Naomi previously revealed to The Evening Standard that she has been suffering from bald patches and a receding hairline for years, after having to use extensions, braids, and weaves for her modeling career.

Those who regularly use these hair products may eventually suffer from centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, a permanent form of hair loss. However, Campbell is thankful that her bald patches usually grow back after giving them time to rest. 

Prior to her selfie, her most recent appearance was during the Global Citizen Festival, which celebrates Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday. She first met the South African president in 1994, even making multiple donations to his causes and even his own political party, the African National Congress. The anti-apartheid leader even referred to Naomi as his "honorary granddaughter". 

Despite suffering from hair loss and a receding hairline, Naomi continues to be such an influential person in the modeling world. In fact, she is looked up to by models from all over the world and has established herself to be one of the few "supermodels" that have graced hundreds of editorials and runways all over the world through the years. 

Now, although she's taken a step back from modeling as much as she used to during her prime, she still continues to be one of the biggest names in modeling, and always will be. 

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