Here's what it means if you see square waves in the ocean

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 25, 2018
07:15 P.M.

If you notice square waves in the sea, escape the water quickly.


Square waves are called a "cross sea," which took place when the waves crash from various angles and develop squares in the ocean, as reported by Shared.

Without a doubt, square waves are stunning to take a look at, but they're exceptionally risky.

Experts caution everybody to avoid the sea when this natural phenomenon occurs.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


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This natural phenomenon can throw anything in its path up in the air.


As indicated by the experts, because of these cross seas, a lot of vessels have capsized.

Source: YouTube/Newzmagazine.com

Source: YouTube/Newzmagazine.com


Boats and ships should hit waves head-on. However, it’s hazardous if a vessel has waves coming at it from all points.


Experts caution everybody to avoid the sea when this natural phenomenon occurs.

Source: YouTube/Newzmagazine.com

Source: YouTube/Newzmagazine.com


Even though square waves don't occur regularly, it's as yet vital to realize what they mean and how to remain safe.


According to Marine Insight, here are four more unusual ocean phenomena:

1. Red Tide

The researchers called this ocean phenomenon as "Algal Blooming." It happens when there is a fast development or blooming of algae in the oceanic waters.


Red tide is profoundly risky as these algae can be deadly to birds, animals, and even people.

2. Sea Foam

The disturbance to the organisms present on the water surface because of the consistent tidal activity causes the foaming of the seas.

In some instances, sea foam can also be caused because of aggravations caused by human actions, including the scattering of waste toxicants into the ocean.


3. Green Flash

This ocean phenomenon took place during sunset and sunrise. Green flashes are the aftereffect of the common prismatic impact of the atmosphere of the earth.

4. Steaming Black Sea

The steam emerging out of the Black Sea is caused by the humidity of the oceanic water hindering with the coolness of the wind over the water’s surface.

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