Princess Love fires back at fans for criticizing her & Ray J's gift for their baby daughter Melody

Aby Rivas
Dec 25, 2018
10:29 P.M.
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Princess Love and Ray J celebrated their first Christmas with baby Melody, and they went all out on the gifts for the seven-month-old baby. However, some haters had a lot to say about one particular gift, and Princess Love made sure to clap back and defend her family.


“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars Princess Love and Ray J are basking in the joy of being parents for the first time. So, as it usually happens with first-timers, the couple decided to go big on their daughter’s first ever Christmas gift.


Little Melody got a 1:14 scale red RC Ferrari with a bow on top. And while both Princess and Ray J were excited about sharing the gift on social media, some fans tried to ruin the moment for the happy parents by criticizing their gift choice.


Some fans seem to believe Melody is still too small to receive a car, stating that the girl should have received toys that will help her develop her motor and cognitive skills and that are more appropriate for her age.


@lil._monster__: Why buy her a car she can’t drive? Why not put the same money into a college fund?”

@dylannx3: You just get the gifts for pics & yourself. Nothing the baby can enjoy now. Eventually but not now.”

@sunshiineee: Okay idc what celebs get their kids but can princess baby even walk? Lol how she gonna drive, by the time she is able to even get in the car, it's gonna be rusted.”


After reading all of the hateful comments under her first photo of the car, Princess posted another one and captioned it “This is for the grown women hating on a baby’s gift VROOM VROOM WITCHES.”

A fan then commented under the post, stating that no one was hating and they were just saying that it is dumb to buy a car when Melody can’t even hold her head up.

But Princess was not having it, and she replied: “don’t be mad, your lips are ashy.”



Princess’ fans, however, defended the star, stating that Melody will grow up sooner than later and she will be able to play with the car anyway because it has a remote control.

@ms_aishababy: Some of Y'all just be bitter and angry for no damn reason. The baby WILL grow up and be able to grow into her toys.”

@thinkingpositivenay17: I'm sure that is a remote control car that Melody can sit in, and her parents control the car. She can still have the car when she gets a little older. That car is PRETTTYY!”


@ladyebonyl: Their money so they can do what they want with it. People who make comments like this are basically jealous, and wish they can do the same thing.”


All the negative comments are what drove Princess a few weeks ago to delete all the pics of Melody from her Instagram and vow to never again share photos of the baby girl on social media.


The new mom read some of the “disgusting” comments people made under her daughter’s photo and got tired of the toxic behavior, opting to keep the girl out of the public eye, at least on her side.

Ray J, on the other hand, keeps on sharing photos and videos of his adorable girl, he didn’t get the memo from his wife, or unlike her, he doesn’t care about the hateful comments.