Ray J grabs attention with adorable video of his 'best gift' baby Melody saying 'DaDa'

Ray J is melting hearts with an adorable video of his seven-month-old daughter Melody on Instagram. The baby learned how to say "dada," and her dad couldn't be happier about it. 

Ray J and Princess Love's daughter, Melody Love, is one smart baby, and at only seven months, she's already started to say some words. For Ray J's delight, Melody learned how to say "dada," as he revealed on an Instagram clip of the adorable girl laying down on her back and giggling away while repeating "dada" at her father's sight.

"OMG! God gave me the best gift!  @melodylovenorwood so #Blessed she sayin DaDa now!" the proud father captioned the clip.

Fans took over the comment section to gush about beautiful Melody and congratulate Ray J for having such a smart baby girl. "She is so adorable! I'm excited for you. Da Da cute. Such a happy little one" wrote one user.

Another added, "She is one of the most beautiful and smart babies I've ever seen. Too cute," and a third one said "Omg! She’s so cute I just love seeing her little face! Brings me so much joy!"


While Ray J is happy with sharing pics and videos of his little family with Princess Love, the reality star and model decided to remove Melody from her social media accounts after getting some hateful comments from trolls on her Instagram.

Princess, a first-time mom, expressed her disgust for the comments people left under the picture of her baby and vowed to never post Melody on social media ever again. She also removed old posts and videos of the girl, leaving fans sad about her decision.


Talking to Essence a few months ago, Ray J and Princess opened about how much Melody has changed their lives. The couple got married in August 2016, and their baby's arrival has cemented their relationship even more. "She’s completed us as a family,” Princess said.  “We’ve grown as people and as parents."

Melody's birth also helped Princess and her mother-in-law, Sonja Norwood, overcome their past conflicts to focus on giving the girl a solid family background. 

"The baby has brought us back together,” Princess explains. “I think the reason me and [Ray J’s mom] clashed is because she says I’m a lot like her. So when two strong personalities disagree on something they clash.” 

Now Princess and Sonja's relationship is on the right track. "I love her; I feel like she’s my mom, too,” Princess said. And added that, alongside her own mother,  Sonja is “the only person I trust with the baby.”

Ray J believes the conflict turned into something positive because it helped him and his family get out things off their chests and be able to start on a new page. "A lot of time when you clash, sometimes it helps the relationship because then you grow closer after that,” he said. “Everybody wasn’t on the same page, which helped people kind of get stuff out.”

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