Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's twin found - his cousin is his look-alike

Oyin Balogun
Dec 26, 2018
09:13 A.M.
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There is a second 'The Rock,' and we love him! Dwayne Johnson may be a whole load of hotness, but it seems that when things get too hot for the former wrestler on set, they bring in his look-alike who happens to be his cousin -Tanoai Reed.


He matches Dwayne Johnson in both physique and charm and has been the actor's stuntman right from his days on the set of 'The Scorpion King.' The cousins have built a partnership since then which has lasted for over a decade. Doubling as his stuntman in movies like Pain and Gain, Faster, The Other Guy, Baywatch, and the Fast and Furious Franchise, Reed has been great.

Dwayne posted this picture of himself and his cousin and captioned it “Gettin’ my double on!”


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Reed fondly calls Dwayne Johnson DJ, and he gushes about how much he loves his job:

“Working with DJ was a dream come true. We only first met on the set of his first starring role movie, The Scorpion King. Before that, I admit I was a huge fan of his and was actually “The Rock” for Halloween the year before I started working with him.”

Dwayne posted a picture on his Instagram of a throwback to when they both got matching traditional tattoos back in the nineties to honor their heritage of Samoan, Norwegian, Swedish and Irish descent.


Reed, 44, never went into wrestling like the Rock but keeps a very fit regime, as he can match Dwayne's physique. He has also had a slight brush with American Gladiators.


He speaks about the perks of the job, stating that it has its ups and downs. One of the downs was when he shattered his ankle back in 2003 while performing a stunt on the set of Rundown which involved tumbling down a cliffside.

Notwithstanding, he still enjoys his job:

“I couldn't see myself doing anything else. We get paid to crash cars, jump off buildings and do other things most people wouldn't normally get to do.”


The cousins are from Anao’i family; a wrestling dynasty that goes back generations.

They both share a certain love for family as they are strong family men; Reed is married to fellow stuntwoman Suzanne Reed, with whom he has a lovely son. The boy is looking to have a career in college ball, having accepted to play for the Virginia Cavaliers while studying at the University of Virginia

The stuntman loves his job and cousin and takes both seriously, stating in an interview that if DJ loses weight or adds muscles for a role, he also has to do the same thing. They may be family, but he is also a professional.