Meghan Markle gives a pat on the back to Kate Middleton in a viral video amid rumors about feud

On Christmas Day, the British Royal Family attended their traditional church service at St Mary's Magdalene in Norfolk. Among those present were Duchesses Meghan and Kate.

There have been rumors that the pair doesn’t get along and are feuding, but all those speculations were dispelled by one action that Meghan made to Kate.

The Royal Family started their Christmas Day celebrations on Tuesday at 11 a.m. They attended the Christmas Morning church service at Sandringham.

Prince William was seen walking with his wife Duchess Kate and Prince Harry was also on hand with his wife Duchess Meghan. Walking with the four was Prince Charles who came to the service without his wife Duchess Camilla.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Despite there being rumors about a “feud” between Meghan and Kate, the two were pictured smiling and chatting together as they walked.

As the Royal women passed through the church gates, Meghan placed her hand on Kate's back in a gesture of familiarity and friendship. Royal fans were delighted and the clip of the two quickly went viral.

The two women also wore similar clothing with Kate wearing burgundy and Meghan choosing black. The pair smiled and interacted with fans as well.

Camilla missed the church service because of a heavy cold that she’s recovering from. The Queen arrived at the venue by car without her husband Prince Philip.

The Palace confirmed that Philip was in good health and would join the family later. In the afternoon, the Queen gave her annual Christmas message.

Both Kate and Meghan have enjoyed an exciting year. Kate gave birth to a baby boy, Prince Louis, and Meghan got married and is now expecting her first child.

There are hopes that the two women might become best friends despite the many rumors that say different. Only time will tell.

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