Beth Chapman wishes fans a Merry Christmas, smiling in fur amid battle with ‘incurable’ cancer

Beth Chapman took a break from her cancer treatment to spend quality time with her family during the holiday season, after the recent return of her throat cancer.

Bravely fighting the disease, Beth does not let it get her down as she recently posted pictures of her and husband Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman on a night out celebrating Duane’s son, Leland’s birthday.

Shortly before they indulged in their family tradition, theatre with the children at Christmas time and dinner from Churchills. 

Smiling broadly Beth enjoys the special time with her family amid the severity of her cancer. Beth shared another photo taken on Saturday as she cradled a martini at a restaurant with a broad smile with the caption:

"Last Saturday of shopping before Christmas. Good luck to all of you who wait till the last minute ..we’ll be over here at the Martini Bar."

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Her strength is admirable, and many fans responded with messages of support and well wishes for the holidays.

Doctors advised against Beth leaving the hospital, but she was adamant to go home for the holidays. Following her initial Stage II throat cancer diagnosis in September 2017, so got declared cancer free a few months later in November.

On November 27, 2018, 51-year-old Beth got rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after experiencing a blockage in her airways. Later that day the Chapman family attorney, Andrew Brettler commented on their behalf:

"I can confirm that she was hospitalized today, had surgery to remove a mass in her throat, which was determined to be cancerous. I understand that the situation is very serious. We are all concerned for her and the well-being of her family."

The cancer had spread to her lungs, and for the time being, Duane is focused on the present as he expressed how he felt:

"I don't listen to the bad news. I don't want to hear it. I pray a lot, anywhere. I cry all the time. I'm a sinner. I pray a lot. I have done double that. I constantly ask God to heal my honey and make sure He takes care of it. I've been telling Him that I'm going to try and quit smoking and cursing. I'm a dealmaker, and I'll do anything." 

Shortly before Christmas, Beth shared he wish this year as she thinks of others in the same situation, as she posted on Facebook:

"Dear God, All I want for Christmas is healing for all cancer fighters. Amen."

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