Oprah shares picture with bestfriend Gayle King, her adult daughter and son on Christmas

A photo of best friends Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King spending Christmas together with Gayle’s children is a reminder of the holiday traditions they’ve set in place throughout the years.

Christmas is a time for family and for besties Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King who are like family to each other, it means being together wherever that may be. 


Two Christmases ago, the formidable best friends along with Gayle’s children, put on matching red and white striped pajamas and lounged around a giant Christmas tree. A happy image of this was shared by Oprah’s O Magazine to mark Christmas this year.


Having been friends since they were in their 20’s, Oprah and Gayle have spent countless Christmases together. Through the years, holiday traditions were set in place including making it a point to merge their families during the special time. Thus, it goes without saying that where Oprah and her longtime partner Stedman Graham decide to spend the holidays is where Gayle and her two children, Will and Kirby will be. Usually, it’s in Oprah’s home in Hawaii. 


Another tradition that Oprah herself imposed between them is one that involves gift giving. The friends decided not to give each other presents. Speaking to Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” earlier this month, Gayle reveals the reason why.

“She has a rule…we don’t exchange gifts because both of us feel like we don’t need anything. We just like hanging out together.”

However, this doesn’t mean that presents are never part of their Christmases.  Gayle revealed in an article on Oprah Magazine that they would normally surprise each other with quirky Christmas gifts. For instance, the matching PJ’s they wore two years ago was a gift from Oprah. Every year, they would challenge themselves to find the funniest and unexpected gifts just for a good laugh. 


Movies are also a great part of the friends’ Christmases. They often watch films together to while away the time. This year, they decided to revisit Creed II starring Michael B. Jordan who incidentally gifted Oprah with cake days before the holidays.  


Oprah revealed through a video clip featuring Stedman that Michael gave her a Rum Cake his mother made which her partner simply loved. The cake was given to her during the party she hosted celebrating the Golden Globe nominations of the film, “Black Panther.” Stedman described the cake as “incredible” as he gently sliced through it for breakfast. 

It’s likely this cake will make it to Oprah and Gayle’s Christmas traditions as well judging from the way the entertainment mogul and Stedman gushed about it.


No doubt Oprah and Gayle had a lovely Christmas this year just because they were together. Scenes from their Instagram pages reveal it was quite a family affair. Check out these holiday clips below.

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