Apryl Jones brutally slams ex Omarion for not showing support in taking care of their kids

Apryl Jones has had enough of Omarion not showing support for their children, so she publicly called him out during one of her Instagram Live sessions. 

Speaking the truth about how her life has been, Apryl Jones took to social media to release her frustrations about how her ex-fiance and baby daddy Omarion has totally neglected his role as a father to their two children. 

During her live rant session, she said that the singer hasn't been supporting their kids financially, forcing her to file a case with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. However, despite help from the department, he still hasn't given much. 

While she does get a small amount from Omarion, she reveals that it is nothing compared to the amount he earns because he hid his assets from the government. 

"He needs to help me since he is not helping me financially. Y'all don't want to know the amount [I] am getting because he hid his assets."

Jones and her ex-fiance were together for several years before they broke it off in 2016, just four months after they welcomed their second child, A'mei Grandberry. 

Clearly upset about their situation, Apryl vowed that she is going to make sure that Omarion spends more time with his children and that their followers could expect her to be working more. 

"He is going to take his kids as he should. Y'all going to see him more with them. Y'all going to see me working more. I am able to provide for my children, but because he is not helping me, I don't have a sitter, an nanny, or any help. His family doesn't help me. It's difficult."

Apryl doesn't get a lot of help from anyone because her family lives in Chicago. However, it is not possible for her to move there because Omarion has obtained a court order that does not allow Apryl from moving to another state. That is why most of the time, she is left taking care of her children alone

While she doesn't complain about it, she often shares how difficult it's been for her having to take care of two children alone without any financial support from their dad, because that means she has to take care of her kids and work to provide them with all the things they need. 

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