Secret Santas send dozens of Christmas gifts to 10-year-old kid with rare condition

Kind strangers across the country sent inflatable lawn decorations to 10-year-old Dominic Steinhauser who has CHARGE syndrome.

A snowman has graced the front yard of Dominic's home in Frankfort, Illinois throughout the previous couple of years, and for the young man, it's the best thing on the planet.

Deanna decided to post her child's wish on Facebook, but she was not contemplating it. Within days, many boxes covered the family’s porch.


In an interview with WGN, his mother, Deanna Steinhauser explained that his son gets "obsessed" with things due to CHARGE syndrome.

"Dominic has CHARGE syndrome and a lot of times with this rare condition, kids get very obsessed with things," she said. "Dominic's obsession is these inflatable lawn decorations."

Deanna decided to post her child's wish on Facebook, but she was not contemplating it. Within days, many boxes covered the family’s porch.

"His reaction – jumping and screaming – was worth more than any dollar they could've spent because he would just get so excited," the delighted mother said.

"That just shows you the good in the world. How someone like him can make a difference for everyone," Deanna added.


In another heartwarming story, truck drivers went the extra mile to help a disabled teen celebrate his sixteenth birthday.

Dakota "Bubba" Cadd has cerebral palsy and Dandy-Walker syndrome, a congenital brain malformation that delays the development of motor skills.

He enjoys sitting in his yard along Wisconsin Highway 26, hoping truckers will honk their horns for him. 

His mother, Peggy Cadd, told Transport Topics that because of his conditions, he requires assistance to walk and gets around by wheelchair.

However, the highlight of Bubba's day is when he parks his wheelchair in the yard of his home, waiting for semi-trailer trucks to drive by and blow their horns. He does this almost every day.

On August 18, 2018, many truck drivers flocked to Bubba's home to celebrate his birthday.

"What child ever gets something so special like this?" Peggy said. "To see people embrace my son, giving him hugs and wishing him happy birthday. It's amazing that there are folks like that out there."

At the birthday party, Bubba was named an honorary member of Owner-Operated Independent Drivers Association and of Dairyland Diesel. 

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