Omari Hardwick's wife shares Christmas pic with the actor & slams those criticising their marriage

Omari Hardwick’s wife, Jennifer Pfautch, shared a glimpse into how their family celebrated Christmas, but she also had a word for trolls.

The Hardwick family chose to go the fun route this season as can be seen from Pfautch’s Christmas photo. Twinning in red-and-white striped onesies, Pfautch and Hardwick channeled their inner children with the former getting a piggyback ride from her husband.

The “Power” actor and Pfautch looked super excited, and their faces said it all. The mom-of-two even added a touch of glam to her onesie with a red turban.

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Hi God, Just wanted to thank you again for allllllllll our blessings. And I wanted to tell you that you killed it when you made my husband. Alllllllllll these people probably agree with me just by lookin at him, but they don’t even know an ounce of the most amazing parts of this human that you made. All that good shit that you tucked up inside his soul is breathtaking...his spirit is intoxicating...his mind inspiring. I love my front row seat to his brilliance. Love Always, His Rib Oh! And y’all go see his new movie NOBODY’S FOOL - out November 2nd! Imagine Omari, Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter and Whoopi! It’s hilarious!!! Tyler Perry nailed it!!! I promise you’ll laugh your ass off! #ILoveJesusButICussALittle #Us #MarriedLife #BlessedLife #NobodysFoolPremiere #NYC

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She captioned the cute photo:

“May your Christmas be filled with the same joy, wonder and excitement of a toddler hyped up on tons of sugar, no nap and the belief that good shit magically appears under decorated trees. Merry Christmas from Mr. & Mrs Claus.”

Pfautch also chose to be proactive and left a remark for internet bullies who may want to come for her again.

“P.S. before all you wise-asses, you may not sit on Mr. Claus’ lap but you can enjoy the view.”

Ever since Hardwick gained fame, his interracial marriage has come under intense scrutiny, and it seems there’s hardly a time the actor or his wife are not shutting down critics.

In 2014, a supposed fan referred to Pfautch as “ugly,” prompting the “Being Mary Jane” star to fire back in a series of angry tweets.

“I wish all of you could experience celebrity for a week to understand the LEVEL of ugly in certain diseases (called human beings),” said Hardwick in one tweet.

He continued:

“I want to personally THANK all of you who have only loved supported PROPERLY challenged me & recognized GOD's truth of my existence & those I would die & kill FOR. I love u back. I root for you all. Those who have created your own truth so to make your despicable selves feel better, with zero care for those like me who've done zero to you, I want to harm you....while EQUALLY praying for the misery known as you.”

More recently, Hardwick also had to defend his family after a female fan called him out for refusing to take a picture with her because he was spending time with his family.

The “For Colored Girls” actor confirmed the incident and said the woman failed to acknowledge his family or his right as a human being to say “No.”

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Dear Super Nova & Brave Boy, When you get older you will read things about your Papa & your Mama. Some of these things will be true. Some of these things could not be furthest from the truth. To the latter....i say this: Your Papa has cared about his fans (especially his REAL ones) ALWAYS. But, Papa will NEVER care about ANYONE more than i care about you two. No one & i mean NO one made your Papa. GOD made your Papa. And your Mama. We were THAT type. And God blessed your Papa with so many colors many were confused about who i was. They can read this with you two if need be. I was someone who struggled with the fame that came with all that God blessed me with. My negotiation with God was: Ok i will do the long as the FAME minus the E=remains the MOST important thing to me. Nova & Brave, you will read too many like you say that their parent or father who was in your Papa’s position....neglected them or forgot that they were his legacy. Not his performances within characters & story. Read this: I WILL NEVER FORGET. Including on this day off from work when ALL i wanted to do was focus on you. Not drama that i was not payed to act in. #iRepeatRelax #MaybEiWontChangeTheFaceOfActing #BuTiCanHelpChangeTheFaceOfCelebrity #AndARTistry #ThankYouFans #LoveYouGhostRiders #LoveMyBrotherJamilForHavingMyBack #MamaBearJaeYouStrong #LOOOOVEyouNOVABRAVE 🤜🏽❤️🤛🏽

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Critics notwithstanding, Pfautch continues to be grateful for her family, and earlier this year celebrated 51 years of the Supreme Court decision legalizing interracial marriage in America.

As she proudly noted:

“Love will always win.”

Pfautch and Hardwick have been married since 2011, and they have two kids, son Brave, and daughter Nova.

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