‘The Voice’ host Carson Daly hugs son Jackson who looks just like his little twin

Carson Daly won the hearts of his Instagram followers when he shared an adorable photo of his son. 

Even though Chevel Shepherd had all eyes on him when he walked away with the trophy on "The Voice," it was Daly who truly played the crowd. 

Daly proved where his heart is when he invited his son Jackson to the set and said on Instagram that he feels "like the big winner." 


Later, he shared a photo on social media to commemorate the occasion and thanked all his fans for watching the season. 

Daly concluded: "God bless you & happy holidays!"

When this photo is compared to the photos from Daly's childhood, it's clear that young Jackson takes after his father. The resemblance is uncanny!

It's all in the family genes, as can be seen from this photo of Daly as a young tot, posing with his father. This picture could easily have been mistaken for a photo of Daly and his son. 


Meanwhile, on Twitter, Daly was the butt of an entirely different joke and through no fault of his own. A technical error occurred at the most ironic of times. 

During his speech, Daly was thanking everyone who worked behind the scenes – the camera people, editors, control room, technical crew, and so forth. 

Right after he that the show had a great crew – a crew that makes "us on camera look so great" – someone behind the scenes pressed the wrong button at the wrong moment. 

A pre-recorded video started playing while Daly was still giving in his speech. He was only briefly interrupted, but eagle-eyed netizens picked it up immediately. 

A user known only as Richard asked if "they really just [had] a glitch while talking about how awesome the technical crew is."

Another user added: "Funny that right after thanking all the crew, the crew jumped a cue. Don't worry, crew. I won't tell anyone.

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