Andrea Bocelli shared a lovely photo of his family with a powerful message for all us

Andrea Bocelli joined his family in wishing the world a Merry Christmas on Tuesday. 

The opera singer posted a picture to his Instagram account. His wife, two sons, and young daughter all made an appearance in the shot. 

The photo also featured a white Christmas tree and a grand piano. A grand piano stood in front of the family as they smiled for the camera. The pictures are found below.

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Bocelli held onto his daughter as the two wore matching white outfits. The sons wore the same colored long-sleeve shirts while mom was wrapped in a long, loose patterned black blouse.

Bocelli, 60, posted a lengthy caption with both English and Italian versions. "#Christmas is a promise," he began. 

He then continued: 

"A promise that is made every year and that stays with us through every season of the year. As children, we await its arrival for the feel of love and mystery that spreads throughout the house, for the magic of a wish come true, of a gift that appears, while we are sleeping."

He added: 

"Christmas is the most beautiful day of the year for becoming children once again, to act with the same disarmed trust before the Father who created us, celebrating the supremacy of life. That will be why it is so lovely to spend it together with our loved ones, trusting in the greatest heavenly Family."

The blind Italian star finished off: 

"Life itself is a promise (as well as a gift) and Holy Christmas is a precious occasion to remember that it will be fulfilled. Best wishes from Andrea and Veronica Bocelli."

Earlier this month, Bocelli revealed that he had no idea his youngest son Matteo Bocelli was such a great singer. He only found out two years ago. 

The pair were invited to do an interview with "CBS This Morning," co-hosted by Gayle King. They were also set to perform their duet "Fall On Me." 

The emotional song is about "the relation that many songs has with their parents," according to Matteo. We're glad the two seem to have such a sweet relationship. 

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