Judge arrested for hitting 18-year-old son in the mouth

Judge Stefany Miley was arrested December 22 on a domestic battery charge in the association of an occurrence including her 18-year-old child.

Miley, who serves as a judge in the Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County, faces one count under her maiden name Stefany Tewell, as reported by Review-Journal.

Miley and her husband Edward R. Miley, who is a local attorney, are now in the middle of a divorce.

At this time, the details behind the arrest are unknown. Miley is scheduled to show up in Municipal Court on January 22. Lawyer David Chesnoff is representing her.

“We look forward to representing Judge Miley, who intends on vigorously defending herself against these mere allegations,” said Chesnoff.

Miley and her husband Edward R. Miley, who is a local attorney, are now in the middle of a divorce.

The two both expressed in filings with the court that they had become “incompatible in marriage to such an extent that it is impossible for them to live together as husband and wife.”

One of Edward's lawyers in the divorce, Bruce Gale, revealed in an interview with Review-Journal that he got a text message from Edward, who had forwarded a message from his son.

According to Gale, the message read: “Call me now. I need help. Mom punched me in the mouth and hit me in the head while I was driving.

"I (am) bleeding and need you to pick me up. She started screaming around the neighbors and tried falling on me to make it look like I was hurting her.”

Gale then studied Nevada’s Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers. After reviewing, he talked further with Edward and afterward they decided to contact police.

Miley served as a Family Court judge starting in 2005 before she was elected to the District Court in 2008.

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