Disney could save $90 million by excluding Johnny Depp from 'Pirates of the Caribbean 6'

Disney stands to save big by cutting Johnny Depp out of the "Pirates of the Caribbean 6" film. Reports claim they can save up to $90 million.

Fans of “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise  were stunned when the news broke that the series plans to cut out their main character in the new installment. Johnny Depp, who stars as the principle character Jack Sparrow in the film will not be returning to the franchise.

According to reports, the Mickey Mouse founding company stands to save millions by axeing the actor. The actor has been struggling with numerous personal issues lately. 

The 55-year-old star is reportedly too costly for the company. Forbes reveals that the studio could save close to $90 million by not including Depp.

According to the report, that's how much he received for appearing in the fifth installment “Dead Men Tell No Tales” in 2017. The film had an estimated $230 million budget and only made only made $172,558,876 domestically.

The film was technically a success and made a worldwide gross total of $794,861,794. However, the amount is nowhere near what the franchise made for the previous films.Disney has decided to take a new route with the sixth installment. They turned to writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who wrote the smash hit “Deadpool.”

The sixth film is set to be drastically different from the previous five films. Jack Sparrow is being written out of the movie so as to potentially save a third of the film’s budget.

The franchise plans to introduce less expensive new blood.  Disney is also using the opportunity to distance itself from the former star of the franchise.

Depp is currently embroiled in legal battles. He is reportedly selling off real estate after a legal battle with his former business managers after he claimed they mishandled his money.

He was also part of an ongoing public feud with his ex, Amber Heard. She accused him of domestic violence but he adamantly denies those claims. 

His public debacles work in Disney's favor as they decide whether to change the 16-year-old franchise or to sink it.

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