4 NYPD officers were stripped of their guns after Instagram photo revealed their love rectangle

A bizarre love triangle led to four NYPD officers being stripped of their weapons by their superiors to avoid a possible tragedy.

Sgt. Kandou Worley cheated on his girlfriend, officer Tyeis Coppin with another police officer, Stephanie Gallardo, who happens to be married to a husband also on the force.

The 33-year-old officer, Stephanie and Sgt. Worley, 40, both got assigned to the department’s Strategic Response Group in 2018, and a fling soon followed. However the truth always comes out as Sgt. Worley’s girlfriend, Tyeis Coppin found pictures of Sgt. Worley and Stephanie on his cellphone.

Coppin responded by posting the pictures she found to Worley’s Instagram account with various captions that included:

“She’s someone’s wife; she’s not my girl tho. I have one, and this is not her!!!!”

When the situation escalated, and superiors realized matter could take a violent turn, their service weapons got taken away. The NYPD seized nine firearms in total under a section of the Patrol Guide permitting the confiscation of weapons in “non-disciplinary cases.”

On December 26, Sgt. Worley, who is also Stephanie’s supervisor, warned her of the photo’s his girlfriend posted online, while the NYPD found out two days later. 

Stephanie admitted to the police department that she and Worley had a relationship, but added that she’d been separated from her husband since March 2018. They still live together regardless and share a 20-month-old daughter.

Last week an NYPD spokesman said that all four officers returned to active duty and had been given their service weapons back, pending the results of a SOD investigation.

Earlier last year, the Springfield police department faced a similar conundrum when another love triangle turned nasty.

A police officer, Gail Gethins filed a restraining order against her former boyfriend, Detective Steven Vigneault two days after he filed a civil lawsuit against the Springfield Police Commissioner and others.

Gethins and Steven broke up in September of 2017, but he refused to leave her alone since. She received an excessive amount of texts while he also followed her to the gym or show up at her house and refuse to go. 

In his lawsuit against the department, Steven claimed that Officer Gregg Bigda threatened to kill both Steven and Officer Gethins while carrying a firearm in March 2016. He further stated that Gregg left but returned later that same evening and assaulted them both. Officer Gregg Bigda called Gail and said:

“Hey whore! Nice to meet ya, I’ll take care of all your people…in the future.”

Gregg also threatened Steven according to the lawsuit and told him:

"I will get you transferred out of the narcotics unit and ruin your career.”

The men in blue are not exempt from any pitfalls, as they too are human, but they should display the strength of character to uphold the law the chose to serve. But as said earlier, the truth always comes out, and sometimes in the strangest of ways. 

One woman found out just how true that is when she and the man she had an affair with, phoned for a taxi to take them home after a night of fun in a motel.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Yeimy and her lover, Jesus, kept their affair secret for over a year but it came to a grinding halt when they got into the taxi.

The unsuspecting husband was an Uber driver and borrowed another driver, Leonardo’s car for the evening to make some extra money. Yeimy carefully checked the uber driver’s name before booking but did not know of her husband’s arrangement for the evening.

As Murphy’s law would have it, Leonardo did not turn out to be whom the cheating pair had expected, and the truth was out.

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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

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