Six loyal dogs pursue an ambulance for miles after their homeless owner suffers a stroke

Jan 11, 2019
09:34 A.M.
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After a homeless man was rushed to the hospital due to stroke, his six loyal dogs pursued the ambulance and refused to leave his company.


The man named Luiz was hospitalized for a night at Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, south Brazil. His dogs stayed at the institution’s entrance door the entire time.

The six dogs were also caught on tape chasing after the ambulance in which Luiz was taken to the hospital. They ran after the vehicle for several miles before arriving at the hospital and waiting right outside the hospital entrance for 24 straight hours.

Simone Zilane, a volunteer at Brazil's animal welfare group, Amigos de Patas (translated as Paws Friends), was one of the people who firsthand witnessed the dogs’ heartwarming show of devotion.


He told Globo, “The dogs were desperate. They followed the ambulance, racing after it down the roads and arrived just as Luiz was being taken into the hospital.”

Zilane further informed that the dogs were desperate when their owner was taken inside the hospital. Thereafter, they did not stop howling and also refused to leave the scene.

Fortunately, Luiz was discharged quickly the following day. However, he left the hospital with his brother through another door, unaware of the fact that his dogs were waiting for him at the hospital entrance.

When Zilane and other volunteers realized that the much-awaited reunion may never happen, they went to bring Luiz back from his brother’s house. Only then did the dogs rise from their positions to greet their owner.


Luiz did not know that his dogs were waiting for him outside the hospital the entire time. However, he was also not overly surprised by the fact, Zilane explained.

Having treated the dogs like his family members, Luiz was probably well aware of their devotion toward him.

Amigos de Patas informed the news source that Luiz has declined any help from homeless charities as well as his family, showing a surprising preference to life on the streets with his dogs.

After recovering completely within the next couple of days, Luiz was back on the streets with his six loyal friends.


There is no arguing the fact that these canines often show undying love and devotion toward their human friends.

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