Uber driver went on racial rant after a black passenger told him he was going the wrong way

Jan 11, 2019
07:50 A.M.
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Anybody who has ever worked in a customer service job knows the golden rule: the customer is always right. However, an Uber driver recently went against the norm, and a video of the incident has gone viral.


A black woman from Iowa, Kiara White, recently took an Uber ride she will never forget. It all started when her driver went down two one ways the wrong way.

When she pointed out to him that he was misreading the map, the driver started to become aggressive and racist towards her.

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Kiara recorded the tirade with her driver, Timothy, in which he uses the N-word several times and calls her a monkey. He also called her a bitch many times during the video.

Timothy tells Kiara more than once to get out of his car, but she stays because she maintains that she has paid for the ride and that he has the responsibility to drop her off at her location.


She posted the video along with a screenshot of the driver’s Uber profile on her Facebook account. The post has received a lot of attention online with over 200 people have shared it already.

In the comments section of the post, she gave an update on the situation. Kiara has complained to Uber about what happened, but her account was suspended by the company without any explanation.



A Burger King restaurant in Miami gained a lot of media attention in November last year after an employee directed racist comments at customers.

The employee was a young black woman who was filmed saying racist remarks to Hispanic customers of the restaurant.


The identity of the woman was not revealed, and information regarding how the company followed up on the incident is nowhere to be found.


A woman from Oregan, Sierra Measelle, made a public apology following the release of video footage which showed her making racist comments at a Filipina woman.

The video shows Sierra implying that the Filipina woman is illegally in the US, even though the woman is a legal immigrant. Sierra also did a distasteful Asian impersonation.

The video went viral on social media with over 16 000 reactions. In her apology, Sierra says that she has learned her lesson because she can see how hurtful her words were.