Wisconsin woman details the dramatic moment she found missing Jayme Closs

Girl gone missing for 3 months after her parent's death was found by a Wisconsin woman.

Kristin and Peter Kasinskas were astounded when a neighbor knocked on their door, begging them to call 911.

The Kasinskas opened the door to find their neighbor standing with a dirty, frightened girl who looked strangely familiar.

The girl was 13-year-old Jayme Closs and she had been missing for 3 months.

"Jayme was taken against her will and escaped from the residence at which she was being held in. We also don’t believe at this time the suspect had any contact with the family. "

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald


Jayme spoke to the Kasinskas and described the man who had abducted her, and his car. She was quiet and appeared to be calm, and held a conversation with the Kasinskas. She refused food or drink but said that she was cold, and accepted a warm blanket.

According to Police statements, Jayme had escaped from her captor and was found in a small forested area 6 miles east of Gordon, Wisconsin by a woman walking her dog. She was dazed and silent and had no idea of where she was.


As a consequence of Jayme's escape and identification of her kidnapper, the Police have arrested Jake Thomas Patterson, 21.

Patterson faces multiple charges connected to the abduction of Jayme Closs and her parents' murder. 

Police believe that Jayme was locked up in a cabin belonging to Patterson, from which she managed to escape.


Police have revealed that Jayme was Patterson's target and that he had taken great care not to leave clues to his identity.

Prior to the double murder and the kidnapping of Jayme Closs, Patterson had no criminal record.

"I can tell you the subject planned his actions and took many proactive steps to conceal his identity from law enforcement and the general public."

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald

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On October 15, 2018, Police had responded to a 911 call from Jayme's mother's cell phone, but when they arrived at the home 4 minutes later, they found the parents dead, and the teenager missing.

The next three months were a torment of anguish for Kelly Englehardt, Jayme's aunt:

“We've had so much bad news. It's what we've prayed for every single day for the last 87 days.”

Police believe that Jayme was locked up in a cabin belonging to Patterson, from which she managed to escape.

Jayme is home safe, and as the investigation progresses more details of her ordeal and her escape will be forthcoming.

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