Fans concerned after Tori Roloff wrote about 'really difficult things' under a photo of her baby

Little People, Big World fans are concerned after an Instagram post shared by Tori Roloff talking about that "life's been challenging" for her lately.

Tori shared a photo of her and her one-year-old son Jackson on her Instagram with a message that mentioned that life has been "challenging" for her this month.

Although Roloff was not specific about what "challenges" she was referring to, many of her fans posted encouraging and reassuring messages in the comments next to the picture.

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Her fans also remembered that just a few days earlier the couple had a little emergency with Jackson at Disneyland, it turns out that their one-year-old son is very prone to nursemaids elbow and while they were all waiting in line to get in the Peter Pan ride Tori noticed that her boy was not ok.

The concerned parents rushed little Jackson to the doctor and they were back for more adventures in a very short time. The family ended that day as happy as they expected and with another story to tell their fans.

Tori and Zach have been married since 2015, and in the more than three years as husband and wife, she has never faced any kind of teasing over having married a man with dwarfism.

Having a son, Jackson, who inherited her husband’s condition, has made Tori learn even more about achondroplasia, and this knowledge has helped her overcome her initial fears about her baby’s diagnosis.

Apart from the health complications that Jackson’s genetic condition could bring, Tori is prepared to use people’s natural curiosity to her advantage as a way to educate others about this condition.

Despite being such a thoughtful mother and being so open about the way she raises her son, Tori has been the target of criticism over the way she takes care of her 1-year-old son in the past.

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