Opinion: 'Donny Osmond is 100% the peacock' in the 'Masked Singer'

Jan 15, 2019
04:18 A.M.
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As the new Fox reality show about guessing masked singers takes the world by storm, fans from across the world are voicing their opinion about the identity of one of the singers.


The fans are increasingly theorizing that the man behind the mask of the Peacock is none other than popular singer Donny Osmond.

The new Fox reality show, titled "Masked Singer," asks the audience to identify 12 celebrities, who sport masks and elaborate costumes to hide their true identity.


The audience is then challenged to guess the celebrity behind the mask based on certain cryptic clues as well as their singing performances. They also get the help of panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke.


Each episode sees performances from six costumed performers. At the end of the episode, any one of the six performers is eliminated and unmasked, based on the number of votes received from the studio audience.

In the previous episodes, the Peacock has left a few subtle cues, which has led a majority of people to believe that Danny Osmond is the star behind the mask.

“Putting on a show is in my DNA.”


One of the first clues is the Peacock’s revelation that he first got on stage when he was just five years old. This is true in case of singer Osmond as well, who debuted on the stage in 1963 on “The Andy William’s Show.”

Secondly, Peacock announced through a video that sees him playing piano and shuffling playing cards, “Putting on a show is in my DNA.”


One of the panelists is immediately heard saying, “It’s giving me Vegas vibes.” Surprisingly, Osmond used to run shows at the Flamingo in Las Vegas along with Marie Osmond.

Peacock also suggested on the show, “It’s probably been a while since your mom had a poster of me on her bedroom wall.” This clue suggests that Peacock might have been a sort of heartthrob at one time, but not anymore.


Peacock was also seen petting a puppy, which might be a subtle reference to his famous song, “Puppy Love.”

All these clues were enough to convince the fans to take to social media to drop their opinion on the identity of the Peacock.

Previously, fans also suspected country star Carrie Underwood to be the singer behind the mask of the Lion on the show.