Stephen Curry's wife steals hearts with photo of her 'two dudes', showing their uncanny resemblance

Steph Curry might be busy with the current NBA season, but that doesn't mean he can't cook up some time to spend with his family, who remains to be his number one inspiration to do well in his games. In a recent update, his wife Ayesha shared a photo of him lounging on the couch with his only son Canon, who comfortably leaned on his dad's chest as they enjoyed some downtime together. 

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Stephen Curry not only has a wonderful basketball career but also has a wonderful and supportive family. Through the years, his family has always sat courtside in most if not all of his games, and they've showered him with love and support both on-court and off-court. 

Now that the NBA season is in full swing, Steph could be out on the road a lot, but this doesn't mean the family doesn't make the most out of the time they have together when he does get to go home. In fact, the father-of-three makes sure to spend quality time with each of his children and his wife Ayesha, so that whether or not he is out playing in the NBA, they still feel his love and presence every day. 

Every time Steph shows his children some love, his wife Ayesha can't help but gush about how precious her family is, even saying that she's once "dreamt of this". She often documents the sweet moments on camera, hoping to immortalize them and remember them forever. 

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Mom and dad of 3 🎨 feels like beautiful chaos.

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Being the only Curry son, fans have high hopes for Canon to follow in his dad's footsteps. That is why as early as now, he is being immersed in the world of basketball just for him to get a feel of how the whole thing works. 

Now that there's still a long way to go before Steph can start bonding with Canon on a basketball court, lounging on a couch as they enjoy some television shows will have to do for the next couple of years. 

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