Rosie O’Donnell admits she missed her granddaughter's birth by 'an hour' in a frank interview

On Wednesday, comedienne and actress Rosie O’Donnell appeared on the “Today” show. There she opened up about being a grandmother.

She revealed during the interview that she actually missed the birth of her granddaughter by "an hour.” However, she loves being a grandmother.

On the “Today” show, Rosie O’Donnell, 56, explained what it was like having her daughter Chelsea, 21, welcome her first child, Skylar Rose, last month. The actress said, “It was really trippy, I have to say.”

The star shared how she missed her granddaughter’s birth:

“She called me from Wisconsin — Chels my daughter lives there with her partner Jake — and she called and said, ‘I’m in labor,’ and I got on a plane and I missed the birth by, like an hour. But she’s happy.”

The actress also elaborated on what it was like holding her grandchild for the first time, “It was really trippy, I have to say.” She then went on to describe the baby girl’s hair, “First of all, she has a full head of black hair, like a full … you can do styles with her hair, you know?”

O’Donnell adopted Chelsea when she was just her a baby. At the time, the star was still married to her wife Kelli Carpenter.

The actress described her daughter’s joy in giving birth:

“Just to see my daughter so happy and so, sort of content, and this guy who loves her so much, loving that baby. Now she feels, I think a lot of adopted kids feel like until they have their own child, they don’t have that unit to look at someone who looks like them to see genetically that they have their own kind of history, so it was really a very beautiful thing.”

In December, the proud grandmother took to Twitter to announce the news of Skylar’s birth. She posted an adorable photo of the young family to go alongside a sweet caption.

The caption read: “My daughter chels – jake – and skylar rose my first grandchild!!! #love #life #NANA.”

O’Donnell and her daughter used to have a rocky relationship that played out in the public eye. In August 2015, the comedienne took to Twitter to report that her then-17-year-old daughter had run away from their home in New York City.

Two weeks later, Chelsea was found in New Jersey with a man whom she met via a dating app. After her 18th birthday, she moved to Wisconsin to live with her birth mother, Deanna Micoley.

However, O’Donnell and Chelsea have since reconciled.

On the “Today” show, O’Donnell was joined by “SMILF” creator and co-star Frankie Shaw. The show’s creator addressed the accusations of misconduct on the set of the Showtime comedy.

Last month, Samara Weaving, a series regular on the first two seasons of “SMILF,” left the show after filing a complaint with producers and the network. In the complaint, she explained how the show handled the filming of a sex scene.

Speaking about the incident, Shaw stated:

“This was my first time doing this job. We moved fast, and I was learning on the go. I’m just really grateful that I can take these lessons and be more of an aware and attuned showrunner moving forward.”

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