Garcelle Beauvais grabs attention with video of her curly-haired twin son dancing while cooking

Garcelle Beauvais has a dancing chef in her kitchen, and it’s none other than her 11-year-old twin son. The actress shared an adorable video of the young man, and her fans had the best reaction.

In the clip posted to Instagram, Garcelle filmed one-half of her twin sons, Jaid, whipping up some magic in the kitchen.

The curly-haired boy wore a blue hoodie and looked completely adorable as he stirred some soup in a cooking pan.

“Is that how you cook?” asked the “Jamie Foxx” alum as her son moved from side to side in rhythm with his stirring.

Garcelle, 52, captioned the video:

“When jaids cooking he’s dancing.”


Many of Garcelle’s fans were impressed by Jaid’s cooking as well as his attitude, and they said as much in the comments.

“Love it.. he grew up so nicely. Helping out In the kitchen. Good job mom.” ~ @camiredz

“When you're cooking with love and music the food always tastes better.” ~ @quinnstownsend23

“He’s so adorable and beautiful” ~ @flyingfishhissy


Garcelle, who has an older son from her first marriage, has always been hands-on with her sons. Her older son, Oliver Saunders, was born in 1991 and the twins, Jaid and Jax, were born in October 2007.

For the twins’ birthday last year, the Haiti-born actress put aside any negative memories and collaborated with her second ex-husband, Mike Nilon, to give their sons a good time.

They held an indoor party that was casual, yet fun. Jax and Jaid also got in place of cakes, a mound of each boy’s favorite doughnuts.


Garcelle’s acrimonious past with Mike has so far not stopped them from co-parenting their children successfully. After nine years of marriage, in 2010, the “NYPD Blue” actress filed for divorce after discovering her husband was having an affair.

During a revealing interview in 2015, Garcelle described the exact moment her seemingly-perfect marriage crumbled.

“I forgot my phone at home. I said, ‘Hey, can I use your phone to call your mom?’ So, I went to go make the call and I saw, ‘I love you’ [on the phone]. I looked again, and I said, ‘What’s this?’ That’s pretty much how everything changed.”

After firing off an explosive email exposing Mike’s infidelity to his co-workers, Garcelle had to deal with the “embarrassing” situation that ensued after the mail was leaked to the press.

“It was another part of the devastation, honestly,” she confessed.


Despite the pain and heartache, however, Garcelle realized that it was their sons that mattered most and has been committed to making sure she and Mike’s split does not affect them.

So far, from the look of things, Jaid and Jax seem like two happy boys and the exes seem to be doing a good job.

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