Gabrielle Union's baby Kaavia steals hearts with her angry & calm facial expressions in new pics

Kaavia James, the only daughter of actress Gabrielle Union and NBA player Dwyane Wade, melted people’s hearts with photos showing an “angry” and then a "calm" face.

The first image of the slideshow portrayed the baby wearing a white onesie that had a crown and star pattern all over it. While her outfit was beautiful, the principal aspect of the pic was her facial expression.

Kaavia was probably yawning, but she looked just as if she was furious and shouting something at the camera. In the second photo, however, the baby’s expression was completely different as she was slightly smiling looking a lot calmer.


For the third photo, Kaavia appeared joyfully playing with some toys and smiling again. Just as her facial expressions, the caption that Gabrielle wrote was hilarious,

“Whose yelling?! I'M NOT YELLING! I'M CALM! I'm just saying, clearly celery got the same publicist as kale. Celery stans everywhere these days,” [sic] followed by the hashtag #shadybaby.

As soon as that slideshow hit Instagram, several followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“Awww. These Captions be having me weak,” [sic] wrote one user.

“Her facial expressions are priceless lol” admitted a second one.

“Awww. She so precious and Beautiful yes she does look like her handsome Father but I see a glimpse of her beautiful Mommy to,” [sic] pointed out another follower.

Kaavia was born via surrogate on November 7, 2018, after Dwyane and Gabrielle tried to have a baby naturally. Unfortunately, the actress underwent several miscarriages due to a medical condition that led her to enlarge her family via surrogate. 


Ever since the girl was born, her parents have been sharing several photos of her on social media. On January 13, the actress uploaded a photo wherein she was holding Kaavia, who was rocking a little dress and a plain pink headband.

The girl seemed very interested in her father as she was looking at him and even tried to touch him with her hand. For the caption, Gabrielle admitted that they were celebrating her husband's birthday at Kiki On the River, a restaurant in Miami, though his actual birthday was four days after that image hit Instagram (January 17).


In most of the photos that Gabrielle has shared on Kaavia’s Instagram account, she writes #shadybaby. The first photo showing her "shady" girl took place when Kaavia was three weeks old.

The girl was wearing a black and white headband and had a serious expression on her face. Gabby pretended to be Kaavia speaking as she captioned the pic,

"Oh you got me mixed up... You must think I'm one of your little friends?!" followed by the hashtag "Shady Baby."

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