'President Pelosi' is the latest new trend spreading on the Internet

Nancy Pelosi's name seems to be getting more and attention as time goes by and she is currently trending on social media, especially Twitter.

Pelosi has never been one of the American people's favorite politicians, far from it, but her popularity has grown ever since she stood up to Donald Trump.

The hashtag '#PresidentPelosi' started popping up across the social media platform, leaving users wondering how life would be if Pelosi was the U.S. President.


The House Speaker is currently the highest-ranking woman in elected office but all that power didn't win Americans' sympathy in the past few years.

Fortunately for her, more and more people are choosing to stand by her side in the war against President Trump and his view regarding the construction of the border wall.


Pelosi, with the help of Democrat Chuck Schumer, has refused to approve, on several occasions, Trump's request of $5.6 billion to raise the wall between Mexico and the U.S.

This led the 72-year-old mogul to partially shut down the government, which is still going strong and is already the longest shutdown in American history.

The shutdown has been severely criticized because it has forced almost 800,000 government employees to go without their paychecks, even though they are still required to work.

Pelosi's determination not to give in to Trump's request has earned her quite a lot of praise, especially on social media, where Twitter users began dreaming about Trump's resignation.


But, despite Pelosi's opposition, there are still some people willing to support Trump in his quest to raise a wall in order to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country. 

Caleb Hanna, who recently became the youngest black legislator in the U.S., is one of those people and claimed that he wanted to use a portion of Virginia's funds to help build the wall.

A self-proclaimed "pro-life" Christian conservative, the 19-year-old ran a campaign from his dorm room at West Virginia State University on the support of "God, guns and babies."

During an interview on "Fox & Friends," Hanna shared that he would try to pass legislation to use $10 million out of Virginia's $200 million surplus and apply it to the southern border wall.

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