Jimmy Buffett drops the mic after singing the national anthem, sparking a huge debate online

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 21, 2019
09:52 P.M.
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Jimmy Buffett's national anthem performance ahead of the NFC Championship game received mixed responses because of what he did at the end.


For the most part, Buffett's rendition of the anthem was mostly appreciated by fans of the country singer and football alike. However, even his vocals were lacking according to some.

What really ruined the moment for many though, was the mic drop Buffett did at the end. Some saw it as a lack of respect to the country.


They said as much on Twitter where many voiced their opinions of the performance and the mic drop. Buffett himself posted the incident on his Instagram.

He captioned it: 

"Wonderful honor - thank you @saints"

Prior to that, Buffett shared a couple of rehearsal pictures as he stood in the large stadium. 


His fans mostly showed lots of love in the comment section. Some were a bit more honest than others. 

User Amy Leigh said: 

"I love Jimmy Buffett but that was just a little rough. But that mic drop though." 


While some were gentle, others flat out expressed their disgust at the performance. 

Scott Zolak commented: 

"Wow. One of the worst renditions of all time. Awful." 


The Grinder Revival was sassier but just as critical: 

"Are Jimmy Buffett concerts as bad as his national anthem?"

As for the mic drop, Buffett received some backlash but the positive responses were enough to compensate for it. 


The game itself saw the L.A. Rams beat out the Saints for a spot at the 53rd Super Bowl. The event airs on February 3 at 6:30 p.m. on CBS. 

Performances from stars like Maroon 5, Big Boi and Travis Scott are set to be featured. The Rams will face the New England Patriots. 

Buffett, who is a pop and country singer, is not on the list as far as we know. The musician still has admirers in the industry, however. 


He got his start when Jim Croce passed away and ABC records needed to fill in a hole in 1973. Buffett and Croce had been friends before the latter's death from a plane crash. 

Prior to that, Buffett worked as a Billboard correspondent located in Nashville. By the time he got into music, he was writing exceptional pieces.


These touched the hearts of many and got the attention of Bob Dylan. Dylan listed Buffett as one of his favorite songwriters of all time, himself known for the art. 

Buffett, a fan of the Saints, is also an unapologetic Democrat. This was made obvious back in November 2018.

At that time, he changed his song lyrics to show support for Senator Bill Nelson, who was campaigning in West Palm Beach, Pensacola.


While singing "Come Monday," Buffett altered the lyrics to say: 

"Come Tuesday, things will change. Come Tuesday, we’re making a change. It’s been two insane years and it’s time to really switch gears. It's been two insane years and it's time to switch gears."

In another one of his songs, "Margaritaville," Buffett directed lyrics towards Rick Scott, Florida's Republican governor.

He sang: 

"Some people say there's a red tide to blame," Buffett sang, "but I know, that it's all Rick Scott's fault."

Buffett clearly is not afraid to show off his personality, whether it's through mic drops or politically-charged lyrics.