Beyoncé's mom Tina Lawson bakes biscuits with Tiffany Haddish after 'who bit Beyoncé' controversy

Tina Lawson is a judge in a bake-off she hosted in her home. Her contenders were producer Ralph Farquahar and comedian Tiffany Haddish who posed with her in a photo. Tiffany was with Tina's daughter,  Beyonce when an actress allegedly bit the singer at a bar two years ago. 

Tina Lawson hosted a bake-off at her home with comedian Tiffany Haddish and film producer Ralph Farquahar. The 65-year-old revealed through an Instagram post that her two guests were competing in a “Biscuit Battle” where she’s acting as the judge. 

In the photo Beyonce’s mother shared, she’s holding a plate of biscuits Tiffany and Ralph prepared as they stand next to her wearing contrasting aprons. Tiffany’s is blue with white stripes while Ralph’s is red. 

“I cannot tell you how much fun it was to have a Biscuit Battle at my house between Tiffany Haddish and Ralph Farquhar. Will post videos later I was the commentator and judge !”, Tina wrote to caption the snap. 

As she samples a bite of the biscuits her house guests made, we can’t help but remember the controversy involving the alleged bite her daughter Beyonce received from a mystery woman at a bar. 


Tiffany herself was in the middle of the controversy because she was the one who dished on the appetizing news to GQ Magazine. According to the comedian who spoke to the publication in March, she and Beyonce were at a party when a woman bit the songstress. She didn’t name the woman then. But weeks later, Sanaa Lathan’s name came up. 

According to reports, Tiffany revealed to some friends at the party that it was Sanaa who bit Beyonce. The actress was even poised to defend Beyonce but the singer stopped her. 

Tiffany later confirmed that it was indeed Sanaa who sunk her teeth into Jay-Z's wife. She also revealed Sanaa’s parents were disappointed in her for ratting on their daughter. But the 39-year-old insisted she didn’t mention Sanaa’s name when the news first broke. Her only point for telling the story was the fact that Beyonce prevented her from going to jail by keeping her from retaliating against her attacker. 


Beyonce must be grateful to Tiffany for having her back so it’s unclear why Tiffany’s ex-husband would enlist the star as a possible witness in his case against the comedian. 

Back in September, news outlets revealed William Stewart cited Beyonce as a potential source who could verify his claims against Tiffany. In her book, “The Last Black Unicorn,” the comedian accused William of domestic abuse while they were married. William denied her allegations and called her a liar. He believes Beyonce’s knowledge of how Tiffany twists stories could prove his claim in court. 


Meanwhile, Tiffany’s 2018 ended in a sour note when she disappointed her audience during her New Year’s Eve show in Miami. Tiffany herself admitted she bombed the show after fans walked out on her performance and she ended up having drinks with those who stayed. 

Weeks after the disastrous performance, Tiffany went back on the saddle and performed for a smaller audience. It definitely went better than her Miami gig. 

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