Porsha Williams announced her pregnancy to ‘RHOA’ co-stars in a very jolly way

Aby Rivas
Jan 21, 2019
10:48 P.M.
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It’s been a while since the public learned about Porsha William’s pregnancy, and now fans finally got to see how she gave the news to her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars.


Porsha Williams kept the news about her pregnancy a secret from her cast mates of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for a few months. She explained on the show that she wanted to refrain from sharing the news too early because as someone who had suffered miscarriages before, it was a scary thing to do.

“So to me, it’s not going to be real, real, real until I go to the first appointment and everything’s okay,” she added.



Williams even had a few tricks up her sleeve to deceive the suspicious women, who started to wonder if Porsha was pregnant during a trip to Destin, Florida, as she wasn’t drinking alcohol.

Williams emptied a bottle of Hennessy and filled it with Coca-Cola and orange juice on their last night, totally fooling the rest of the girls. “It’s just one lie against another,” she told the audience. “But they eating it up so ladies and gentleman, that’s how it’s done!”


Now, fans finally got to see the moment Porsha announced her pregnancy during the cast's trip to Tokyo, Japan.


First, Porsha asked the Japanese staff how to say “I’m pregnant” in Japanese. Later, she told her plan to NeNe Leakes, who was the only Housewife in the known. As the ladies got ready to eat, NeNe entered the room banging on a noisy gong with Porsha following behind.


“Attention everyone. Porsha and I are going to play a little game,” Leakes told the women, giving the floor to Porsha who added, “I’m going to first teach y’all something to say in Japanese,” making the ladies repeat the phrase, “ninshin chuu.”

After all of the ladies asked what it meant, Porsha did the big reveal as she rubbed her belly screaming:

“It means… I’m pregnant! My baby is coming!”



Marlo Hampton, Shamari DeVoe, and Eva Marcille couldn’t have been more delighted by the news. Even Kandi Burruss, who had a big fall out with Williams on the last season of “RHOA,” congratulated the soon-to-be-mom saying:

“I am super excited for Porsha right now because regardless of my opinions and thoughts about her relationship, I am happy that she is finally going to be able to be a mother.”


Cynthia Bailey, on the other hand, said she suspected Porsha was with child and added: “Honestly, I don’t know how long Porsha was going to be able to hide it because she is definitely popping, front and back, at this point.”


Porsha first revealed the news to People back in September, stating that while the pregnancy was unexpected, she and her fiancé Dennis McKinley were excited about it.


“The pregnancy came from the left,” said the Dish Nation host, “but it definitely has brought us closer together because you realize when it sets in that you are actually bringing a life to this world, that you have become family overnight.”

Porsha recently gave an update on her pregnancy journey, stating that she’s on her third trimester and her baby, a girl, is “not finished baking.”



She also revealed that although she might sound crazy to some people, she’s already building a relationship with little PJ:

“When she kicks, I actually tap to my stomach; I probably sound like a crazy lady to a lot of people, I say ‘I see I feel you PJ, how are you? I’m about to feed you.’ So we’ve got a little relationship already."


And as for how is McKinney handling the process, Williams couldn’t be more happy with her man. He loves it, she said, and since PJ will be the first child for both of them, McKinney is trying to stay as connected as possible to Porsha and her needs.

“You know that book What To Expect When You're Expecting? For this, he looks up the days, aligns it to where I am, so for right now, he asks questions ...[about] headaches, bad dreams, hemorrhoids,” Porsha revealed.