Woman changes her skin to a dark brown color and looks unrecognizable

Martina Big's transformation from white to black appears to be complete, and her own mother wouldn't be able to identify her in a lineup, as her latest pictures show.

Martina Big, the previously white German glamour model who spent over $65,000 on tanning injections, nose jobs, lip fillers, liposuction, and breast implants now identifies as a black woman.

Big, renamed in Swahili as Malaika Kubwa in a baptism ceremony held by the Masai tribe in Kenya, Africa, is confident that her look is complete inside as well as out, saying that she "feels" black.

Big started her journey to becoming black with three tanning injections that, according to her, have altered her skin color, eye color, and her hair color and texture.

Criticism for the former air hostess has come from every spectrum, she's been accused of being a self-hating white person by some white people and of cultural appropriation by some black people.

Big is married to her high school sweetheart, Michael, 31, who has undergone the same tanning injections but has not seen the same results.

The couple married in Hawaii on an island, coincidentally known as "Big Island," in an idyllic beach ceremony conducted by their wedding planner, Stefan.

Big believes that her "change" in race has given her the ability to learn black culture from the inside and has traveled to many African countries to celebrate her transformation.

Michael's response to critics who say she can't understand black culture without being born African is like saying Afro-Americans who haven't been to Africa can't understand black culture.

Skeptics continue to attack her online telling her that her German DNA cannot be erased and her true race will be revealed with every blue-eyed blonde child she gives birth to.   

In a recent interview, she revealed that doctors have confirmed that any children she bears will also be black, or at the very least, "milk chocolate."

It is unknown when or if Martina Big will test science and have a baby, but by the looks of things, she and Michael are extremely happy together and they have already stuck together through all the hard parts so perhaps soon.

Regardless, Martina has tons of followers around the world who applaud her decision to turn the tables on a society that preaches "white is best" but has a whole tanning industry that belies this.  

As long as she is happy and continues to spread love not hate, her fandom will surely increase, and she clearly has no time for the online haters who call her "dumb."  

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