Heart-warming video of father and son dancing to 'Frozen' song dressed in Queen Elsa costumes

Cheryl Kahla
Jan 27, 2019
12:03 P.M.
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A Norwegian father went viral after he posted a video clip on Instagram of him and his son dancing to "Frozen" songs. 


The clip shows the two dressed in blue princess outfits while dancing around the lounge. The proud father wrote in the caption: 

"Mom is gone, no stress. [heart emoji] [Dad&son hashtag]"


The video was shared six days ago and have been viewed more than 360,000 times since then, with more than 3,300 comments. 

On Facebook, the clip was viewed nearly 60 million times. The father received praise from netizens for allowing his son to express himself and have fun. 

Orjan Buroe told reporters that his 4-year-old son Dexter loves Elsa; she's his superhero. He doesn't have a problem with Dexter wearing a dress. 

And when Piers Morgan questioned how this makes the father a better dad "than one who plays football with his son," Buroe had this to say: 


He bought the princess dresses, along with the tiara Dexters wears in the clip, on eBay. Buroe explains: 

"It's important to teach children that you can do whatever you want to do and not put prejudice all over them. Soon enough, you will find out who you're going to be in life."

While the father received a handful of negative remarks, the majority of online commentators had nothing but admiration and support. 


Parents shared their own experiences, with one user saying he wanted a Barbie doll for Christmas when he was five years old. 

His father's friends were shocked and his him how he would handle it. His father said he would be getting the doll for his son. The user added

"Thanks for being an amazing father, I miss you."


A mother said her son loved to wear pink when he was 5. She indulged him, even though her friends warned her about his sexuality. She explained

"Tomorrow my son turns 25, and in November he will marry his best friend and soul mate Brianna. Let kids play."

Similarly, another father and son duo went viral for their dancing movies. Stanley Freeland Jr and his 4-year-old son Josiah bond over coordinated dance moves. 


He shares the clips, and they can be seen dancing in everything from matching shirts to pajamas to superhero outfits. 

Freeland Jr. explains that they make educations songs to trap beats. Through the dances, his son is learning about maths and other subjects. He said: 

"We inspire everyone. All the father, keep doing what you're supposed to do with your kids."