Good Samaritan fatally shoots armed robber during a hold up at Family Dollar

Police in Atlanta is investigating the shooting of an armed robber who attempted to hold up a Family Dollar store earlier this week.

The incident took place on Tuesday in DeKalb County. Authorities say at least three customers and two employees were present at the store on 7042 Covington Highway. 

Upon entering, the suspect pulled a gun out and demanded money from the cashier. One of the customers then took out his own gun and shot the man as he received the money. 

Neither the suspect nor the man who shot him have been identified as yet.  No other person was shot or injured according to police, however, one store clerk was shaken up by what happened. 

Sergeant Lynn Shuler of the DeKalb County Police Department said: 

"She's upset. She's dealing with corporate right now... but she's fine."

Additionally, the man who stepped in an fired his weapon at the robber will reportedly not be charged. 

Another good Samaritan who tried to help a stranger was not as lucky at the end of it. In December 2018, Jacquelyn Smith, 52, was stabbed in her car as she drove through Baltimore.

The mother lowered her window to give money to a woman asking for help. As she did so, a man suddenly approached her vehicle and said "thank you" for the money. 

He took the cash and then tried to take Smith's wallet. She resisted. That's when the man took a knife and stabbed Smith in her torso, killing her in front of her baby. Smith's attacker has not been caught as yet. 

The mayor of Baltimore, Catherine E. Pugh, expressed her sorrow for the murder and urged residents to be cautious. 

She said: 

“While crime is trending down in our city, one life lost is one life too many. This is a terrible tragedy for the Smith family, and our hearts go out to them." 

Smith is survived by her husband, child, and many loved ones. We pray that the criminal is found and brought to justice so that Smith's family can feel more at peace.

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