Andrea Bocelli shares extremely rare picture taken with his beautiful daughter

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 30, 2019
09:41 P.M.
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Andrea Bocelli and his gorgeous daughter warmed the hearts of Instagram fans when the singer shared a photo of them together. 


The world-renowned opera singer treated fans to his precious daughter and their adorable dog late last week. Usually, it is Bocelli's son Matteo who holds the spotlight alongside his father. 

Fans really appreciated the rare photo of his sweet little girl. Bocelli, 60, accompanied the picture with a caption that reflected wise words from the blind man. The photo is found below.


The picture featured the Italian sitting outside wearing a white button-down shirt. Virginia, six, sat on her father's lap as she held the small dog in her arms. 

Bocelli, wearing dark sunglasses, rested his head on his daughter. Both father and daughter smiled as they enjoyed some bonding time.

The caption read: 

"It often happens that: the more you understand, the less you understand; the more you understand each other, the less you need to understand."


Bocelli has done duets with other family members, most notably his son Matteo. The two went viral on YouTube with their song "Fall On Me" which was released in September 2018. 

Yet it was a duet done way back in 2005 which truly bewitched listeners. Bocelli and his wife Berti, who got married in 2014, performed together in Las Vegas and the result was a timeless moment. 


They sang "Les Feuilles Mortes" and their voices were so filled with passion that the audience was moved to tears. 

Bocelli hasn't only performed with his family of course. In 2013, he also did a moving duet with none other than Jennifer Lopez. Together, they sang the famous " Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” (“Maybe, Maybe, Maybe”).

Still, family life appears to be the most important thing for Bocelli. In addition to Matteo and Virginia, he and his wife share their eldest son Amos, 23. The love that comes from this musical family is immeasurable.