Man punches two young women multiple times right on the street while others cheer him on

A disturbing video of a muscled man pummeling two young women in the street in front of a cheering crowd has people reeling in disgust. The man reportedly went into a fit over a hot dog. 

Police have just arrested the unidentified man in a video who unleashed his ire to two women who tried to diffuse a situation involving him and a hotdog vendor. 


According to previous reports, the man who appeared to weigh more than 200 pounds got angry and began bullying the vendor when he was charged $6 for his hotdog snack. The man allegedly bragged, “I own the streets of LA.” 

Two women who saw what was going on tried to step in and intervene. When one of them told the man to “leave the guy alone,” the 6'3" man pushed the woman to the ground. When the second woman tried to defend her friend, she got punched in the face. 


Even more disturbing was the fact that while the two women repeatedly attempted to fight back only to be met with more punches from the man, the crowd around them just cheered while watching the whole incident.  

One of the women, a nurse who suffered bruises and a concussion told NBC Los Angeles that the crowd was watching the encounter “like as if it were a show.”

“It upsets me nobody did anything."


People who saw the video later likewise reacted in disbelief at the man’s behavior and the crowd’s lack of concern. Here were some of their comments.

“To hear the laughing makes my blood boil.”

“I can't believe that all those people just stood there. They should all be ashamed and charged as well as the man who hit the two women.”

“Sickening to watch. What a pathetic person and how disheartening that no one did or said anything to that weak man. Unbelievable.”

“There is never a good reason for any man to hit a woman. The guy is clearly a coward.”


Mike Watson, the father of the second woman shared the video on Facebook and expressed his disgust over the situation.

“He socked them both in the face not once, but MULTIPLE times, some of which were not caught on film.”

Watson also condemned the crowd who cheered on the sidelines "as if they are watching an MMA fight!"

Watson’s goal in sharing the video was to shed light on the atrocity and to help find the man who beat up his daughter and her friend.


On Tuesday, the man who fled the scene after landing several blows to the two women surrendered himself to the LAPD. The man identified as 30-year-old Arka Sangbarani Oroojian was booked for assault with a deadly weapon. He was reportedly remorseful when he turned himself in. His attorney, Chris Reyes said he had no prior brushes with the law and claims it was an isolated incident. Oroojian was detained with a bond set at $90,000. 


While this incident has raised eyebrows due to the fact that the man used his fists on women, it is not uncommon for men to punch women especially between a husband and a wife. In Russia two years ago,  a man was caught on CCTV footage punching his wife. The man retaliated after his wife punched and kicked him several times during an argument. When the woman stopped, the man hit back and swung his fist at her knocking her backward. The man continued to punch her in the head until a concerned person came to protect the woman from the man. However, the angry man chased the person away.  Police were reportedly not involved in the incident.

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