Donnie Wahlberg shared an emotional video of wife Jenny McCarthy crying

Odette Odendaal
Jan 31, 2019
05:30 P.M.
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Jenny McCarthy cried “ugly” tears as she sent husband Donnie Wahlberg a video about his long-time friend Lady Gaga in ‘A Star is Born.’


During the polar vortex that hit certain parts of the US, Donnie Wahlberg was away working, while Jenny stayed at home just outside Chicago. 

Because of the extreme weather, they had no Direct TV, so Jenny decided to watch Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s new film, ‘A Star is Born,’ since she hadn’t watched it yet.

But Jenny was soon in tears and sent Donnie a video that he shared on Instagram. Adding a sweet caption to the post he wrote:

“When you’re off at work and your wife is home alone during a polar vortex, and she sends you a video of her crying, and you think something awful has happened, but it’s only her telling you that she watched #AStarIsBorn with your old pal @ladygaga and lost her ***! ?? I love my wife! We’ll sneak in a screening this weekend before #superbowl53 baby!”


In the clip, Jenny sobbed and took a second to compose herself enough to get the words out:

"I'm crying my ugly cry. I'm so sorry. I have to apologize. I look so gross right now. I watched the Bradley Cooper movie with Lady Gaga, and it's so sad."

Jenny paused to wipe more tears before she continued:

"I thought I'd watch it 'cause it was offered, and we don't have any Direct TV because the weather, so there was nothing to watch. It's so sad, and I'm not even PMSing. I wish you were here, though. I love you. That's all. Bye."

‘New Kids on the Block’ star, Donnie and Lady Gaga met back in 2008 when she opened for the group during their first tour after a 14-year hiatus. 


Lady Gaga caught Donnie’s eye when she performed ‘Just Dance’ in Las Vegas at Perez Hilton’s Fourth of July Spectacular, and chose her to open for ‘New Kids on the Block’ during their comeback tour.

It was Lady Gaga’s first arena tour, and she quickly rose to fame and recently got nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in ‘A Star is Born,’ with co-star and director Bradley Cooper.

Joey McIntyre, a fellow member of ‘New Kids on the Block,’ fondly recalled the time they spent with Lady Gaga all those years ago as he said:

“She had a lot of energy, and she was also a sweetheart. She was very warm, collaborative, exciting and inspiring. I don’t think any of us were surprised that she has continued to grow as an artist and attracted so many people.”


Most people, much like Jenny stayed indoors as the polar vortex hit Chicago and surrounding areas this week. Predictions of temperatures below -25F  excluding windshield had regions in the midwest reach temperatures colder than Antarctica.

The last time Chicago experienced this type of weather was back in 1983 when it dropped to -11F and again in 1994.

Even states like Milwaukee and Wisconson declared emergencies, and authorities warned people to stay safe as temperatures could cause death within minutes without proper insulated clothing.

One YouTuber posted a simple hack for those stuck without proper heating during the polar vortex, in order to stay as warm as possible and keep the heat indoors, as can be seen in the video below: