February 01, 2019

Tamar Braxton reveals her Nigerian boyfriend didn't date Black women before meeting her

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“I’m Attracted To Men Who Don’t Like Black Women, ”said Tamar Braxton about her new boyfriend. She says he didn't date Black women before meeting her. 

Tamar Braxton seems to be in the spotlight a lot lately. This time she snatched attention when she made some revelations about her new boyfriend.

She affectionately refers to her new man as T’Challa. According to her, the Nigerian man who captured her heart was not into Black woman before he met her.


While chatting to Lolo Jones dating, Braxton admitted that after her divorce she considered dating men who weren't from her race saying, 

“After that ended, because I never thought we would ever break up, ever, when that happened I was like, sh-t, I’ll date whatever. I was actually was kind of over with Black dudes. Like, alright, this not workiiiiing, so let me just go on to the other side [laughs].”


She went on to explain she had a change of heart after she met her current boyfriend. They’ve been dating for six months.

He has a lot in common with her ex-husband Herbert. Like Herbert, he apparently did not like Black women before meeting her. Braxton has said in the past that Herbert preferred blondes before they met and married. 


“I met T’Challa and now it’s a wrap again. But he didn’t date Black women, which is crazy,” she said. “He did not date Black women. It’s like, I’m attracted to men who don’t like Black women. Vince neither, remember that? Vince either.”

Instead, she said her current boyfriend dated "white girls or others.” Her comments had her housemate joke with her that she must have done something right to land him.


Braxton agreed saying, “I am the prototype [laughs].”

Earlier this week, Tamar shocked fans by revealing her son Logan sleeps in the same bed with her and her new boyfriend. She opened up about her family's unorthodox sleeping arrangements on the "Big Brother" show. 

Her castmate Kandi asked, "[Vince] isn't upset that you have Logan in bed with another man?" 

Tamar simply responded, "We're not together . .. so that's none of his business."