Tamar Braxton says son Logan sleeps in bed with her & new man and it's none of Vince's business

Ra'eesah Manack
Jan 31, 2019
12:05 P.M.
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Braxton sister, Tamar shocked fans by revealing her son Logan sleeps in the bed with her and her new boyfriend. She went on to say it is none of Vince's, Logan's father, business.


Tamar Braxton is going viral once again. This time she made a revelation that shocked fans and many are angry and concerned.

The star recently revealed that her five-year-old son Logan sleeps in the same bed with her and her new boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not Logan's father.


Tamar opened up about her family's unorthodox sleeping arrangements on the "Big Brother" show. She was chatting to Kandi Burruss when she made the revelation.

Kandi looked stunned and slightly disturbed that Tamar had another man and Logan in bed together. She immediately began questioning Tamar.


"[Vince] isn't upset that you have Logan in bed with another man?" asked Kandi and Tamar responded, "We're not together . .. so that's none of his business."

People on social media joined in the discussion. Many bashed Tamar for what they believe is an extremely reckless decision.


Many felt that having her son to sleep in the same bed with her boyfriend. Others pointed out that she has only known the man for less than a year and having her young son in the bed with him is extremely dangerous. 

"She is BUGGING! 1st it IS his business as he is the child's father. 2ndly with all that's going on, it is crucial to protect your children at all cost from the possibility of being victimized.  Just not a wise choice. Sorry," tweeted one fan.


Tamar, however, doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Earlier this month, she also revealed she wants more children. She went on to say the father may still be her ex-husband, Vince Herbert.

Braxton explained that she has infertility issues and is incapable of conceiving a child naturally. Her five-year-old son, Logan is a product of IVF and she revealed there are still three embryos she can use to have more children. 

"I have three kids in the freezer still," joked Tamar.