Jimmy Kimmel mocks President over national emergency threats

Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump for his threats of a national state of emergency. The TV show host dragged Trump over the coals to prove the threats were ridiculous.

"Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel" saw the host dig his heels in and mocked President Trump. He started the show with scathing commentary on the current President and his decisions.

President Trump, who tweeted 11 times before 10 AM yesterday, indicated that he is considering declaring a national emergency if Congress does not agree on adequate funding for the border wall.

Jimmy questioned if it made sense to allocate the money meant for confronting natural disasters to build a wall instead. He openly mocked Trump for threatening to declare an emergency saying:

“He’s making plans now to declare a national emergency on the border. The idea, I guess, is to declare an emergency and then take money that has been earmarked for real emergencies, like floods and hurricanes, and use it for a wall that won’t do anything instead. Sometimes I’m kind of amazed he only bankrupted three casinos.” 

Kimmel also took a swing at the "horror" stories Trump often claims happens at the border. Trump recently alleged that women are often tied up with duct tape by Mexican smugglers and that Muslim prayer mats have been found strewn at the border.

Kimmel pointed out that both these claims were unsubstantiated. He referred to an investigation carried out by the White House to back up his view.

“The White House looked into this and found no evidence to back up the president. It’s a bad sign when even the White House is like, ‘We have no idea what he’s talking about either.’ And even nuttier, someone figured this out: The prayer mats and duct tape, these were all plot points from the movie ‘Sicario.’ So, it’s a good thing the president hasn’t seen ‘Star Wars,’ because he’d probably be asking for money to build the Death Star,” said Kimmel

Trump also tweeted on Thursday insisting that people are“ playing political games” by using terms other than “wall” to describe the proposed barrier. Seth Meyers replied to Trump's tweet with an instant clap-back pointing out that Trump is the one who used alternate words to refer to the barrier.

“Hey — you were the guy who wanted to call it slats! This is like Diddy tweeting out, ‘My name is “Sean Combs,” damn it!’” read Meyers tweet.

It's not the first time Kimmel has slammed the current president. In December last year, Jimmy started the late night show predicting that it's not “going to be a very jolly one for the president of the United States.”

Kimmel hilariously reasoned that “Santa is bringing a stocking full of problems to Donald Trump.” 

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