Rihanna's brother allegedly arrested for assaulting two people in Barbados in one day

Rihanna's younger brother reportedly attacked a man and a woman within a day and was arrested. He pled not guilty to charges of bodily harm. 

Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey Fenty has been accused of attacking two people in one day in Barbados. The 29-year-old reportedly attacked a female and punched a man. 

Fenty, who denied his alleged involvement in the two separate assaults was arrested on January 20 and was granted a $1,000 bail.  

According to reports, the first assault occurred at a party on board the M.V. Dream Chaser. Fenty reportedly attacked a woman named Lee-Ann Mingo. Later that day, he punched a man named Andrew Thornton. Both are members of a tennis club in Barbados. Fenty was soon arrested and charged for inflicting bodily harm. 

Fenty is one of two younger brothers of Rihanna in addition to her two half-sisters and a half-brother.  He is reportedly close to the singer and runs a clothing brand in the Caribbean called Origin.  With the influence of his sister, Fenty also dabbled in music and released tracks under the stage name Gallest.  

When he appeared in court the following Friday, he pled not guilty to the charges. His next court date will be on June 6. 

Fenty was spotted leaving the courthouse with a few friends and family. He was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and a black hat. Not present was his superstar sister who also recently filed a court case against her father. 

The singer sued Ronald Fenty of soliciting business using her name and without her permission. Her father reportedly acted as her agent in securing bookings behind her back. These include a $15 million tour in Latin America, a concert in Los Angeles and another in Las Vegas.  

Rihanna’s strained relationship with her father goes way back. She has spoken of his abusive ways with her mother when she was young. Last year, she sent him cease-and-desist letters to keep him and his partner in his company, Fenty Entertainment from moving forward with their shady dealings using her name. Seeing her father did not stop, she was prompted to sue him.

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