Woman reportedly fired 'for being a black extremist' after filming aftermath of neighbor's murder

The woman, who filmed and shared the aftermath of Dallas cop Amber Guyger fatally shooting her neighbor, Botham Jean, said she has been receiving death threats and has been fired from her job as a result.

In an exclusive interview with Advise Media Network, the woman identified merely as Bunny, talked about the infamous September 6, 2018 shooting of Jean, 26, by Guyger, 30.

The clip shows Guyger, who is white, pacing the balcony and frantically making a call after she had shot Jean, a black St. Lucia native, in his apartment.

Bunny said in the interview that she’d heard two gunshots and a man saying “oh my God! Why did you do that?” before she rushed outside to begin filming.

Bunny was filming from a lower floor through the staircase railings and noted that her video started "60 seconds after the actual shooting took place.”

The eyewitness said Guyger’s call sounded like a personal call rather than a 911. She also said it seemed the cop did not try to help Jean after shooting him.

“It was just a lot of crying, a lot of hysterics. She was just pacing back-and-forth for at least seven minutes, according to my video.”

Guyger claimed she had just gotten off duty at work when she entered Jean’s apartment and mistook it for her own. She was still wearing her uniform, but her body cam was back at work.

Guyger claimed that Jean’s door was unlocked and ajar and that when she saw a dark silhouette inside, she assumed it was a burglar. She said she fired after the person refused to obey her commands.

Bunny, however, said there was no way Guyger could have mistaken Jean’s fourth-floor apartment for her own third floor.

She explained:

“The elevator; the garage; the hallways; everything is marked with what floor you’re on and if she had come from the garage, she would have had to walk down two pretty long hallways to get to his door so she would have passed plenty of indication to let her know she was on the fourth floor.”

Bunny also didn’t think Jean’s door could have been left ajar as Guyger claimed because the complex has fire doors which swing shut automatically.

Hearing reports of the shooting that didn’t match what she witnessed are what made Bunny post her video and share it with prosecutors.

Since then, however, she said she'd received intense backlash online, including death threats. “I did get a few threats from people saying they weren't gonna leave any witnesses behind, telling me I need to watch my back, things like that,” Bunny said.

The trolls also started contacting the pharmaceutical company where she worked, branding her a “radical,” “anti-police” and “a black extremist.”

The harassment, according to Bunny, led to her being fired. She also claimed the company “blacklisted” her by revoking her credentials.

Meanwhile, Guyger, who has been indicted for murder, was in court last Tuesday, according to Dailymail.com.

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