Teen shares proud pics of her stoma bag after boy with same disease killed himself over bullies

A British teenage girl posted pictures of herself, showing off her stoma bag with the hopes to prevent others with the same illness from being bullied.

Charlotte Anders' noble act came after she heard of Seven Bridges; a 10-year-old boy from Kentucky, America, who committed suicide after being subjected to taunting because of his colostomy bag.

Charlotte took this bold step even though she was not sure about it because no one knew in her school. 

“This is nothing to be ashamed of, it's saved my life.” - Anders

The young girl felt horrified that a person could be bullied so much they would think it's better to end their life. She posted the pictures on her Facebook account, taking a stand against bullying with the hashtag #bagsoutforseven through this act of kindness.

The hashtag that started right after the death of Seven earlier this year has gone viral. It was a sensitive issue for Anders who has always had constipation since age three. She had her colostomy bag fitted in May 2017, and it was successful, for a short while.

Charlotte later had to remove her bowel and had a stoma bag attached to the ileum. But things went from good to bad when she came up with a fever a week after recovery. 

Several tests later, the teenager was diagnosed with septic shock and a high possibility of dying from bacterial infection. She had to undergo another surgery, and family members had to watch, with fear of losing her. Five hours after surgery, Charlotte was back to the intensive care unit, and to the surprise of everyone survived.

But not all are lucky to survive such procedures, and that was the unfortunate case of Terry Hickson; a 44-year-old man with suspected Kidney stones, which turned out to be an incarcerated hernia. His lungs were filled with fluid after it had burst through his stomach and bowel.

His widow gave birth to a boy while he was in the intensive care unit; going in to show him their son just before he died.She said: 

“They woke Terry from sedation, and he smiled when I walked in holding the baby, but as I sat next to him, he grabbed my arm and shouted at me to get out.” 

Doctors told her it was the sedative at work and he was not aware of what he was saying. He died from an eight-inch blood clot that traveled to his heart when the hospital failed to give him blood thinning medication despite the high risk of clotting.

Terry’s death was unnecessary, and the hospital had to pay a compensation fee of £140,000 to his family; although it couldn't bring Terry back. Louise, Terry's widow, said she'd never felt so much pain as she did when told he had passed away. 

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust accepted their mistake and apologized to the family of Terry.

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