Bill Cosby claims he’s in jail for infidelity not rape & jail time is price of social justice

After serving less than 30 days of his sentence, Bill Cosby is now comparing himself to 3 iconic Black civil rights activists in a very interesting way.

It was a verdict that represented a major win for the #MeToo movement.

More than 60 women stepped forward and accused Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct. It was the testimony of his misdeeds against one Andrea Constand that helped convince a jury that he was guilty.

Cosby was convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. He was sentenced to serve between 3 to 10 years in prison for his crimes. According to The Guardian, the judge declared him a “sexually violent predator”.

Cosby, who is serving his sentence at the Montgomery Correctional Facility in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, had a surprise visit from his publicists Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson. The two chose to share the details of their visit with the Washington Informer because they wanted a platform “that would allow their comments to air unfettered”.

Cosby has apparently grown a full beard and appeared to be in great health. “He’s good. He looks real good,” said Benson about her boss. “The Cosby Show” actor reportedly laughed off the rumors that he had been attacked with a chicken patty and a hot dog,

“The staff has been nothing but professional and none of that stuff happened,” said Wyatt. “He said it’s just that the mainstream media is continuing its efforts to try and stop him from getting the facts out,” he added.

The “facts” that Cosby wants to make widely known – according to Wyatt – is that racism, and not his own actions, played a huge part in his trial and sentencing. “He’s behind bars for infidelity,” Wyatt said. “This is bigger than Bill Cosby is. For other Black people, this could be your son, your father, your family member. They are trying to change the laws.”

“Sexual assault is the only crime you can be convicted of with no evidence and no proof,” continued Wyatt. “We’ve seen the justice system and how it works with recent major things happening with Brett Kavanaugh or Harvey Weinstein.”

Wyatt continued to reveal how Cosby has likened himself to Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, who “helped him prepare for this chapter of his life”.

“He said they told him that if he was going to continue to fight for civil rights, something like this was bound to happen and he’s been prepared for it and he knows he’s in prison not for rape, but for infidelity,” explained Wyatt.

Cosby also seems to reprising his role as a patient, wise father figure. This was the soul of Cliff Huxtable – the character that made him a TV icon in the ‘80s. Wyatt disclosed that Cosby often talks to his fellow inmates about their situation and offers counsel.

“Mr. Cosby loves hearing other stories of the inmates, whom he calls residents. He tells them, ‘You don’t have to swear or curse, this is what you do,’” said Wyatt.

It’s hard to tell whether these are just the ramblings of an old man, or the musings of a “social justice” revolutionary. There is one celebrity who believes that inequality in the justice system played a part in Cosby’s sentencing, and he caught enough heat for his convictions.

While others were celebrating Cosby’s loss in court, D.L. Hughley shared a post comparing Cosby and Kavanaugh.

He went on to defend his first statement and also included Trump’s past actions in his evaluation.

Hughley’s observations caused quite a stir online, and many chose to speak their mind.

Cosby is currently appealing his conviction after his latest bid for release was rejected by the court.

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