Stephen Curry snuggles with 7-month-old son Canon in heartwarming new pic

Stephen Curry teases a "new season" as he shares a pic of him cuddling his son. 

Stephen Curry is ready for a “new season” of the NBA what with his newborn and first son by his side. The NBA player shared a cute pic of him cuddling with his 6-month-old and it’s sending out positive vibes for what’s ahead. 


Stephen and his wife Ayesha Curry welcomed Canon in July, a much-awaited addition to their family of girls. The couple is also parents to daughters Riley, 6 and Ryan, 3.

Canon’s birth was the fitting climax to an already celebratory Stephen whose team, the Golden State Warriors had just won the NBA championship a month earlier. 

To announce his son’s arrival, Stephen shared a photo of the newborn and wrote, 

“On this journey, on this quest…protect me… I’m bless!”

He also disclosed his son’s complete name, Canon W. Jack. The story behind the name is quite interesting. 


Ayesha revealed in November that the couple had already picked out the name as far back as their honeymoon. According to the mother-of-three, after having girls, the name “always stuck.”

“France is one of our favorite places to vacation, and so his name’s actually French and it means young wolf, which Stephen loved because we kind of consider ourselves a wolf pack.”

It also helped that the word "canon" is used to refer to an official of the church, a nod to the couple’s devotion to their faith. Seven years later, the couple was finally able to use the name on their first son.


Stephen’s latest photo with Canon reveals a doting father to an adorable little boy. Tucked into his father’s left arm, Canon smiles for the camera as Stephen watches him with admiration. The athletic dad is wearing a black hoodie with the number 7 printed in front. His face is barely shown with his sweat shirt’s hood covering his head. 

Stephen teased about a “new season” and told his followers “Y’all know what to do” in his caption. 

We all know the NBA season is well on its way so the new season the Warriors point guard must be referring to is the upcoming return of DeMarcus Cousins who was injured a year ago.  The Warriors are expecting to do better with DeMarcus back on the court after a vulnerable season this year. Stephen was quoted as saying,

“It’ll be like a brand new season (when he returns).”

With baby Canon giving him that extra motivation, it won’t be surprising if Stephen, with the help of DeMarcus, would lead their team to another championship win this year.

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