Mother 'annoyed' passenger while flying with toddler and it encouraged her to write a Facebook post

Stephanie Hollifield, a 33-year-old mother from Georgia, took to Facebook to share a negative experience she faced while flying with her two-year-old daughter Haley.

In her post, Stephanie addressed the person who she had the negative encounter with only as the “gentleman on flight 1451.” She noticed his presence as soon as she and her daughter were boarding the plane as the man “sighed loudly” when he saw both ladies.

Unfortunately for the man, Stephanie and Haley sat just behind him as it was the “nearest set of seats.” Soon later, he had “over dramatic huffs and puffs,” letting the proud mother know that he was upset by their presence.

Stephanie Hollifield and her husband | Source: Daily Mail

Stephanie Hollifield and her husband | Source: Daily Mail


Stephanie then said that Haley was laughing and playing “too loud” for the man liking, what made her wonder a lot of things about him, including if his wife, sitting next to him, was embarrassed, if he had children, and even if he had a bad day.

“Did you wonder about us? Did you wonder about this mom and little girl who were flying alone? We were so excited to go on an adventure, but I was also very nervous. This was the first time that I had ever flown with a child, and I was making half of the trip without my husband,” wrote Stephanie.

Stephanie Hollifield and her family | Source: Daily Mail

Stephanie Hollifield and her family | Source: Daily Mail


After that, she admitted to doing all she could to keep Haley quiet, including downloading films, giving her toys, and “dosing her up with Benadryl,” but she is just a two-year-old girl, and that’s how she behaved. Unfortunately, she started crying when the airplane took off.

“You did not let up with your mutters of annoyance and looks over your shoulder. You even shoved the back of the sear towards us. I apologized to everyone around me. I almost started crying myself,” admitted Stephanie.


Thankfully, a flight attendant gave Haley a straw and a cup to play with and the girl calmed down. The “angel,” as Stephanie called the flight attendant, even told the exhausted mother that flying was tough on everyone and that both of them were doing great.

“She was right. We were doing great! We were doing our best, and that’s as great as it gets. The problem wasn’t with us, it was with you. What you need to know, is that while children can be terribly inconvenient now, they will run the world when you are old and grey,” added the mother.

Soon after sharing that post, it went viral and, at the moment, it has more than 1,600 comments, 5,000 reactions, and almost 1,000 shares.


Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a mother spoke out against a rude passenger. Katie Kiacz was on a Delta Airlines flight when the passenger next to her started complaining about her post-partum body, referring to her as a “two-ton woman.”

Her Facebook post also went viral in no time – it was shared more than 120,000 times in just one day.

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