Tamar Braxton becomes Head of Household on 'Celebrity Big Brother' despite threat of eviction

Tamar Braxton’s stance at the Celebrity Big Brother house has been quite the rollercoaster. She has been involved in several arguments with three of her housemates, and fans thought she would be on the verge of eviction. However, she ended up becoming Head of Household in the latest episode.

Anything can happen in Celebrity Big Brother, and the fans live for the unexpected twists of the reality show. However, people weren’t expecting for Tamar Braxton to rise to the top of her game after she has been involved in arguments with Kandi Burruss and Kato Kaelin, and also got into a fight with Lolo Jones.

The reality show veteran came out victorious on the latest Head of Household competition, after being the last person standing on a game of spotting mistakes on magazine covers.

But even if she hadn’t won the HoH, and for some reason ended up on the chopping block, Braxton had the Power of the Publicist, a twist introduced on the show last week that gave the contestant chosen by fans, the chance to save herself from elimination.

Using her HoH power, Braxton decided to go after the strongest duo in the house and sent Kato Kaelin and Tom Green on the block. After winning the Power of Veto, Lolo agreed to leave the nominations as they were, and Kato ended up getting the chop with a unanimous 5-0.

Braxton is now standing at the front of the game, but not for long. However, she seems to have resolved her differences with Kandi Burruss, with whom she clashed on the first episodes of the show.

Tamar accused Kandi of bad mouthing her during their joint 2018 tour when Braxton was the opening act for Xscape. The “Braxton Family Values” star felt like Burruss disrespected her on a professional setting by talking behind her back about things that were none of her business, like Tamar’s failed marriage to Vincent Herbert.

Braxton also had an altercation with Lolo Jones, in which the athlete exploded yelling insults to Tamar and allegedly slapping her, even though the live fee of the show interrupted the transmission at the moment of the fight.

Fans of the “Love and War” singer have been filling the comment section of all of her social media accounts with encouraging comments, and they hope she can maintain her now restored alliance with Burruss, and be able to be on the top five of the competition.

Read some of the comments below:

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