Reginae Carter, 20, reportedly confirms breakup with boyfriend YFN Lucci, deletes all pics with him

Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci have called it quits and the clues are all over their social media pages. 

Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci seem to have ended their one-year-relationship judging from their posts on social media a couple of days ago. 

In one corner, Reginae who’s rumored to have instigated the split shared a series of tweets alluding to a problem in their relationship. She retweeted messages about public disrespect, no coming back from “certain sh**,” and being drained.

More powerful words came later when she tweeted “I hate a friendly ass [N-word]” and posted “let him go, keep yourself” on her IG story. 

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Soon after, she tweeted “Alexa play “how to love” by Lil Wayne,” a nod to her father and possibly a message for Lucci to learn a thing or two from Lil Wayne on how to show some love. 

A more glaring sign of their split is the disappearance of any trace of Lucci on Reginae’s Instagram. All of their photos together since they began dating in January 2018 are gone. They were also sans each other at the Super Bowl where they were spotted partying separately. 

On Lucci’s part, his only post two days ago, around the time Reginae began her emotional tweets was a photo of him on bended knees and looking down. He captioned the apologetic pic with a telling message.

“LOVE is just a word it don’t matter to me #FREE21

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the couple once frowned upon for their age difference had broken up. There were signs leading to the inevitable in the last few months. Reginae mentioned in December on “T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” that they had to “cool down a bit” to focus on their careers. But she gave the impression that they were “still cool.”

She also explained that they were going through a rough patch but refused to divulge anything more, “’cause I have to go on set and I have to work and do what I love and do what’s going to make me my coins,” she reasoned. 

Today it seems Reginae will have enough time to focus on making more coins with Lucci completely out of the way. It’s unclear for now if there’s a slight chance they’d get back together but one of Reginae’s retweets read

“It’s hard movin’ on when you really care about a person…3 days apart be feelin’ like 30.”

It looks like there'll be more to their story in the coming days. 

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