Chris Brown openly threatens to fight Offset after being slammed by rapper over 21 Savage meme

Rappers Chris Brown and Offset were involved in an Instagram argument after a meme that the former shared about fellow rapper 21 Savage.

In the clip, 21 Savage appeared rapping, although it was not his voice but someone else’s with British accent. It was Chris' way to address 21 Savage’s detention by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for overstaying his 2005 visa.

For the caption, Chris, 29, wrote, “CMON FAM, STOP PLAYING WIT DA MANS DEM.” Even though several people considered that Chris was defending and supporting 21 Savage, Offset believed he was making fun of his friend.


Offset, 27, and 21 Savage released a collaborative album in 2017 titled “Without Warning,” which might explain why he took to Chris’ comment section to let him know he didn’t appreciate the post.

“Memes ain’t funny lame,” wrote the 27-year-old rapper. However, Chris responded almost a day later telling him to mind his own business and even urging him to fight him if he was a “real man.”

After responding to it, Chris screen captured the post and shared it on his Instagram stories. Offset also took to his Instagram stories to clap back at Chris writing, “coke head don’t want [smoke emoji]” although he deleted it soon later.

The argument's screenshot posted on Chris Brown's Instagram story | Source: Instagram/Chris Brown

The argument's screenshot posted on Chris Brown's Instagram story | Source: Instagram/Chris Brown


21 Savage was arrested on February 3 in metro Atlanta after police officers arrested rapper Young Nudy, who was in a car with him. Officers ran both rapper’s dates of birth through their system and learned that 21 Savage was not born in the US but London, UK.

According to his birth certificate, the man was born on October 22, 1992, at Newham Hospital, located in east London. His parents are Heather Joseph and Kevin Emmons, also British citizens.

In 2005, Heather legally took her son to the US, but his visa expired in July 2006, revealed ICE spokesperson Bryan Cox. The man added that the rapper “overstayed his visa,” which is a violation of federal immigration law.


ICE also claimed that the rapper was convicted on felony drug charges in October 2014 in Fulton County, Georgia. However, the man’s legal team pointed out that ICE provided incorrect information as the man has no criminal record.

Even though 21 Savage attorneys didn’t deny that he was born in London, they said that he should be considered a Dreamer (children who were brought to the US illegally by their parents) and must be able to get a visa under the Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) immigration policy.

His legal team also said that ICE arrested the rapper due to a song that he released five days before the incident, wherein he condemned the behavior of immigration policies and how children at the border are being treated.

At the moment, 21 Savage is being held without bond, although his lawyers claimed that ICE must offer that possibility when there is “no flight risk or a danger to the community.”

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